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Articles for product: Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Service Pack 1

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843816 TI error occurs when importing file.
844306 SQL Server Error 10040 or 10004 "Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist" logging on to Solomon
845952 SQL Server Error 515 - Cannot insert Null value occurs in GL.
848418 How to troubleshoot if the Inventory Trial Balance report and the Inventory Valuation report do not match in Microsoft Dynamics SL
850447 List of versions, releases, and kernel builds of Microsoft Dynamics SL
869013 Reconciling Accounts Receivable to the General Ledger
873593 Sys Msg 874 "Invalid Unlocking Key" Occurs in Registration
933082 Error message when you try to close the period or the year in Project Controller in Microsoft Dynamics SL: "Unposted Allocations in Current or Prior Period"
961971 UAC and the Microsoft Dynamics SL client installation on Windows Vista or on Windows 7
2643432 Scheduled Billings and Revenue Entry (BI.SBE.00) screen freezes when you click in the grid on a released entry detail line
2645880 EXECUTE permission was denied error message when using the Microsoft Dynamics SL Toolbar in Microsoft Project
2646728 You cannot sort Accounts Payable checks by vendor name in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2648436 Generate Payroll Process (SD.302.00) crashes when you set it to use Advanced Payroll and to use the pay rate from Payroll
2648444 You cannot enter or save today's date in a date field where the date does not default
2652330 Inventory Issues batches are partially released when they are created from Order Management Sales Journal
2652387 Invoices are created with incorrect invoice numbers when you set the order type to "Share numbers with Accounts Receivable"
2652870 Fields are no longer visible in grid view when a screen is customized
2653243 The Advanced Payroll Batch Release (58.400.00) process crashes when you released a batch that comes from Service Dispatch that contains multiple lines
2656010 You receive System Message 6201 when you print an Order Management Invoice in a company that does not use the Inventory module
2656849 The site ID is not entered by default in Service Call Entry (SD.200.00) when a customer is selected from Customer Lookup (SD.305.00)
2658087 You receive System Message 79 when you process a small credit write off with the AutoTranslate option set to "No" in Solomon.ini
2658409 The billable flag in GL Journal Transaction (01.010.00) is not set correctly when the account number is changed
2659461 System message 10065 when you enter more than 26 documents in Shippers (40.110.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2661259 The Customer ID on a Service Call can be changed after you save the Service Call when you use the Customer Lookup icon in "Service Call Entry (SD.200.00)" in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2665165 When you process a Work Order in Production Completion in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, and the Automatic Batch Reports option is selected, you receive "System Message 6201 Report Execution Failed"
2665551 When you enter many line items on a Shipper in Order Management in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, you receive "System Message 10065 Application 4011000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors"
2668840 Error message when you print the Sales Journal (40.690.00) report in Order Management in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and there is no Inventory Setup record: "Company %, shipper %: Input string was not in a correct format"
2669434 When you start the Quick Query Viewer screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL, you receive System Message 6814
2669748 Non-True Type fonts do not print correctly in Crystal reports in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2669845 Error message when you select the Keep All option in various order management reports in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "System Message 10065 Application 4060001 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors"
2672791 Company selection information is ignored when an application calls ROI to run a report and pastes select criteria into the Company Selection tab of the ROI screen
2673605 Error message when you click the Grid to Excel button in Quick Query in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"
2673613 "System message 334" when you set the short date format to dd/MM/yy and then upload an attachment in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2673618 Test settings failed error received configuring CRM Connector
2679025 The work order ID does not auto-increment correctly in Work Order Entry (12.250.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2679061 The date does not change when a new date is selected from the calendar in Graphical Dispatch Board (SD.900.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2679938 System message 10065 "Application 4010000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors" in Order Management Sales Orders (40.100.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2679997 Error message when you click the "Grid to Excel Download" button in Project Analyzer (IQ.PAS.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "An error occurred attempting to call Excel"
2684118 Error message after you add a column and then add a filter to the query in Quick Query in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 SP1: "QQVIE00.exe has stopped working"
2685036 "Could not load file or assembly" error when compiling a SDK application for Microsoft Dynamics SL
2685054 "Could not load file or assembly" error when you compile a SDK application for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2685221 An over-maximum amount is posted to the wrong project in flexible billings in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2686067 Error message when you paste data into the grid in AR Payment Application (08.030.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "217 - Sum of amount to apply and cash discount must not exceed adjusted document balance"
2686585 A new batch record is created when you delete an invoice from a batch in AR "Invoice and Memo (08.010.00)" in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2687239 How to add a new company to an existing Microsoft Dynamics SL application database
2691809 SQL Server Agent does not start after you install Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2695820 "You must be the site administrator to complete the install" error when attempting to install Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL
2700645 An employee may receive another employee’s direct deposit advice slip if the system crashes while you are printing direct deposit advice slips
2702258 Error message in Order Management Process Manager (40.400.00): "System Message 10073 'Unable to find specified error value in exception list'"
2703180 You receive system message 11500 in Sales Orders (40.100.00) or in Order Management Shippers (40.110.00) when the Inventory module is not installed and you enter an invoice date on the Other Information tab