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Articles for product: Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition

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138010 OFF: Office Only Runs on Intel-Based Computers
177512 How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer when you use Office 97, Office 2000, or Office XP
199368 OFF2000: Clicking "Remove Office" During Setup Removes Inbox
199879 OFF2000: Remove All Doesn't Remove Temporary Shortcut Bar Files
199901 OFF2000: Removing Templates Removes Modified Database Files
200375 OFF2000: How to Install Windows 95 to a New Folder to Troubleshoot Office
202991 One Office Assistant is installed by default when you install Office 2000
203078 Office Shortcut Bar (OSB) setup, startup, and exit behavior is different from earlier versions of Office
203953 The Office 2000 Resource Kit is not available for download
210055 OFF2000: Copy To Commands Missing in Bookshelf After Upgrade
210391 OFF2000: Setup May Remove Older Components
210393 OFF2000: Disk Space Requirements for Microsoft Office 2000
212761 OFF2000: Application Information Missing in System Information Utility
217435 OFF2000: Microsoft Office Manager View Settings Do Not Migrate to Office Shortcut Bar
217469 OFF2000: "Please Insert the Disk" Prompt When CD Is Inserted During Installation
217530 OFF2000: CD Key Overwritten After Pressing Backspace to Correct a Mistake
217548 OFF2000: Out of Disk Space Error When Reinstalling Office
217585 OFF2000: Not Enough Disk Space Message When You Install Office
217640 You receive a "Some default settings in Microsoft Office 2000 setup do not work properly on a Windows Terminal Server" error message when you install Office 2000 on a Windows Terminal Server
217648 OFF2000: "Warning 1909. Could not create shortcut" During Setup
217673 OFF2000: Setup Error "Installation was not completed successfully" in Quiet Mode
217674 OFF2000: Setup of Second Office 2000 CD, Does Not Remember Previous CD's Installation Path
217683 OFF2000: Maintenance Mode Requires 1280KB of Disk Space in Addition to the Features That You Choose to Add
217697 OFF2000: Installation Error Prompting Previous User to Reinstall Office
218883 OFF2000: Pros and Cons of Run From Server Installations
220885 OFF2000: Setup Overwrites Office 95 or Office 97 Start Menu Items
221374 OFF2000: Internal Error 2893 When Specifying Long Company Name
221437 OFF2000: Task Scheduler Is Turned On After Installing Office
224104 OFF2000: Error Message: An Unexpected Error Has Occurred
224434 OFF2000: Beta 2 Not Detected During Setup
224435 OFF2000: Errors Running Office from CD-ROM
226517 OFF2000: "Keep these programs" Check Box Unavailable
226530 OFF2000: UserName and CompanyName Fields Not Set to Blanks
228594 XL2000: "Couldn't Open the OLAP Cube Wizard" Error Starting OLAP Cube Wizard
228631 OFF2000: Motionless Office Assistant Is Always Installed to \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office Folder
229375 OFF2000: "Web Browsing Component Only" Installs Internet Explorer 5
229381 OFF2000: Unable to Install Internet Explorer 5 in Office Maintenance Mode Setup
229386 OFF2000: "...setup completed successfully" Message Does Not Appear at the End of Setup
229410 OFF2000: Cannot Open Binder Documents After Installing Office 2000
229451 OFF2000: Removing Office Removes User-modified Files
229457 OFF2000: Error Installing Office on Windows NT with Internet Explorer 2.0
230879 OFF2000: Error Message Log File Always Contains "Internal Error 2898: Please Contact Product Support for Assistance"
231611 OFF2000: Unable to Run Setup with AlwaysInstallElevated Policy Enabled
231946 OFF2000: How to Add/Remove a Single Office Program or Component
232501 OFF2000: Description of the Enhanced Copy of Setup.exe Available in the Office Resource Kit
233119 OFF2000: How to Automatically Reboot After the First Portion of Setup
234036 OFF2000: How to Make the Browse Button Unavailable When the Installer Can't Find the Source Files
234041 OFF2000: Error Message: "This Installation Is Forbidden by System Policy ..." Running Setup
234435 OFF2000: Utility to Repair Internal Error 2343 Available
234688 OFF2000: Web Publishing Wizard Files Cannot Be Found During Setup