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OFF2000: Pros and Cons of Run From Server Installations

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If you want to install Microsoft Office in a networked environment, you can perform an administrative installation (Setup /a) of Microsoft Office. After you perform an administrative installation, and Setup copies the files to the network server, you and other users can perform different types of installations. These types are listed below.
  • Run from My Computer
  • Run from Network
  • Installed on First Use
This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of performing a Run From Network installation of Microsoft Office.

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When you perform a Workstation or a Run From Network Server installation, you can take advantage of the following benefits:
  • You can minimize the amount of hard disk space that is used on each computer. When you or other users perform this type of installation, the amount of disk space that Office requires is less than the amount that it requires when you perform either a Run From My Computer, or Install On First Use installation of Office. This is important if there is limited free hard disk space on your local computer.

  • Because program files are stored on a server, you can easily manage and maintain install options for multiple users. When installing an administrative install of Office you can selectively choose the install options for users by using the Custom Install Wizard.

    For more information about the Custom Install Wizard, see the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit available at the following World Wide Web site:


When you perform a Run From Network Server installation, you should be aware of the following disadvantages:
  • When you perform an administrative installation of Microsoft Office, more hard disk space is used on the server. The amount of disk space on the server that is required varies depending on the Office suite being installed. Office 2000 ships in the following five suites:

    • Office 2000 Standard Edition
    • Office 2000 Small Business Edition
    • Office 2000 Professional Edition
    • Office 2000 Premium Edition
    • Office 2000 Developer
  • When you perform a Run From Network installation, program performance may be slowed by high volumes of network traffic or by heavy use of the network server.
  • When you perform a Run From Network installation, you must be connected to the network server in order to run any of the Office programs. In addition, if the server is not operating (for example, for maintenance or repairs), you and other users cannot use the Microsoft Office programs.

    If you have a laptop computer you should not perform a Run From Network installation of Office if you plan to use the computer outside of the office. Use the Run From My Computer installation instead.

    NOTE: Although it may be possible to connect to your network by modem and remote network access, Microsoft recommends that you do not use this method to run Office. The amount of time that is required to download all of the files to run a single program will greatly hinder your productivity.

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