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Articles for product: Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Standard Edition

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246553 OFF2000: Rendering of Dashed Lines in Embedded Chart or Graph Is Inconsistent
248208 PPT2000: Excel Worksheet Changes Font When Copied to PowerPoint Slide
248377 OFF2000: CDate, CVDate Functions Unexpectedly Return Two-Digit Years
248648 OFF2000: Arial Unicode Font Is Not Available in Office Setup
249057 OFF2000: JPEG Picture with Border Is Saved as GIF When Using Save as Web Page
249060 XL2000: Linking Charts Does Not Work Correctly If Name Has More Than 64 Characters
249079 OFF2000: Lines in a Graph Are Missing When Inserted into an Office Document
249929 OFF2000: Error Installing Office Although You Have Administrative Permissions
249934 OFF2000: Text Ending with an E with Acute Accent in HTML File Is Not Displayed
250525 OFF2000: Error Message: "Installer Terminated Prematurely" When You Try to Install Office
250939 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Click
250955 OFF2000: HTML File Appears Blank in Internet Explorer 5
252382 The number of rows and columns that are displayed and the size of the fonts may change when you edit an embedded Excel object in a PowerPoint 2000 presentation
253501 How to pass a COleDispatchDriver as an argument for a method expecting a VARIANT
254006 INFO: Access Data Retrieval Sample Add-In Available for Download
254836 OFF2000: Error Message: Machine Debug Manager: The Service Could Not Be Uninstalled
254837 OFF2000: "You Have Limited Privileges..." Error with Managed Deployment on Windows 2000
254853 OFF2000: "About <Program Name>" on Help Menu Does Not Show SR-1 Is Installed
254884 OFF2000: Error Message When You Run Office Setup: IE5WZD Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module MSSIP32.DLL
255085 Using the Discussion Feature in Internet Explorer
257428 PPT2000: Group Object Containing Excel Object Changes Size When OleFormat.DoVerb Opens Excel Object
258511 How to obtain the window handle for an Office Automation server
259602 An Access Snapshots (*.snp) object looks distorted when you insert the object in PowerPoint
259894 You receive an error message when you close a presentation in PowerPoint 2000 or PowerPoint 97 that you opened from an Exchange Server public folder
259971 How To Dismiss a Dialog Box Displayed by an Office Application with Visual Basic
260623 You receive a "Word could not load the e-mail envelope" error message when you send mail from Office 2000 programs
260825 OFF2000: Desktop May Not Be Displayed Correctly on Restart After Setup
260899 OFF2000: AutoCorrect List May Not Be Migrated from Earlier Version of Office
261997 How To Obtain the Window Handle for an Office Automation Server with MFC
262633 OFF2000: Templates Do Not Appear in New Dialog Box
263092 OFF2000: Routing Office Document Prompts After You Apply Outlook E-mail Security Update
263134 OFF2000: How to Update an Administrative Installation with the UA Control Security Update
263640 OFF2000: Only One Copy of Ouactrl.ocx File Is Updated by UA Control Security Update
263647 OFF2000: Cannot Type Text into Answer Wizard or Help Index
263930 OFF2000:
264143 FIX: ASP Session Variables Empty When Office 2000 MIME Types Are Streamed with Internet Explorer
264907 OFF2000: Template Size Increases When You Add or Remove Visual Basic Code
265194 OFF2000: Windows Installer Appears Every Time a Program Is Started
266021 OFF2000: No Support for Tiled TIFFs in Office 2000
266318 How to retrieve the name of an Office document that contains an MFC ActiveX control
267248 OFF2000: Error 2928 When You Install Office 2000 with Additional Sources Specified
267835 OFF2000: "Another Version of This Product Is Already Installed" Error Message When You Update Network Client
267968 Office 2000 programs quit immediately after starting after you apply the Office 2000 SR-1/SR-1a update
267974 GRAPH2000: VBA: How to Paste New Excel Data into an Existing Graph
268139 OFF2000: Default Installation States for "Install Now" Installations
268470 SAMPLE: FramerEx.exe Is an MDI ActiveX Document Container Sample Written in Visual C++
268654 OFF2000: Administrative Update Available for HTML Script Vulnerability
268719 OFF2000: How to Update an Administrative Installation with the Outlook CDO Security Update
268790 OFF2000: Error Message When You Apply CDO Update to Administrative Installation
269340 OFF2000: How to Customize Add/Remove Functionality