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Articles for product: Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Standard Edition

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230879 OFF2000: Error Message Log File Always Contains "Internal Error 2898: Please Contact Product Support for Assistance"
230881 OFF2000: Error Message: "Unable to Open <URL>. A Security Problem Has Occurred."
230888 OFF2000: "System Error &H80004005 (-2147467259)" Running Macro with UserForm
231009 OFF2000: Inserting a Chart Control on a UserForm Does Not Start the Chart Wizard
231611 OFF2000: Unable to Run Setup with AlwaysInstallElevated Policy Enabled
231624 OFF2000: Shortcut Keys in Dialog Boxes Do Not Work
231946 OFF2000: How to Add/Remove a Single Office Program or Component
231955 OFF2000: Office Assistant Not Answering Visual Basic Questions
232501 OFF2000: Description of the Enhanced Copy of Setup.exe Available in the Office Resource Kit
233119 OFF2000: How to Automatically Reboot After the First Portion of Setup
234036 OFF2000: How to Make the Browse Button Unavailable When the Installer Can't Find the Source Files
234041 OFF2000: Error Message: "This Installation Is Forbidden by System Policy ..." Running Setup
234321 OFF2000: Transparent Vector Graphics Print Filled on PostScript Printers
234435 OFF2000: Utility to Repair Internal Error 2343 Available
234688 OFF2000: Web Publishing Wizard Files Cannot Be Found During Setup
235431 OFF2000: First Aid 97 Causes Invalid Page Fault
235438 OFF2000: AutoRun Actions Are Suppressed After Office Is Installed
235598 OFF2000: How to Deploy the Contents of Multiple Office CDs at the Same Time
235967 OFF2000: Unable to Change Registration Method
236053 OFF2000: Internal Error 2894 During Office or Works Installation
236063 OFF2000: Clipping Path Transparency Not Supported for Inserted Images
236296 OFF2000: "<Program Name> Can't Use the AutoCorrect Lists" Error Message When You Type in Office Program
236303 OFF2000: Using CorelDRAW Files with Microsoft Office
236872 You receive an "I/O Error" or the subfolders are displayed as question marks or squares in Office programs
236893 OFF2000: Setup Does Not Display Any Interactive Dialog Boxes
236905 OFF2000: How to Install Office 2000 on a Dual-Boot System
237381 GRAPH2000: Characters Are Lost or Changed to All Caps When You Type Them
237741 OFF2000: Setup Repeatedly Prompts to Restart After Updating Windows Installer
237828 OFF2000: How to Publish a Web Document to an FTP Site
238012 Office 2000 stops responding during setup on Windows 98
238393 How To Use Visual C++ to Access DocumentProperties with Automation
238559 OFF2000: PNG Files from Adobe Photoshop Appear Incorrectly
238732 OFF2000: "A Newer Version of DCOM95 Had Been Installed" Message During Quiet Mode Setup
238968 OFF2000: Applying Sms20o2k.Exe Hotfix Disables Client Functions
239654 OFF2000: Web Discussions Through the Office Server Extensions Start Page
239913 OFF2000: Help Does Not Appear When Clicking Help Topic
240419 You receive errors with Millennium and Mystique video cards in Office 2000 programs
240794 How to Determine the Path for an Office Application
241056 OFF2000: "A Newer Version of DCOM95 Had Been Installed..." Message During Setup on Windows 95
241861 BUG: ATL Control in Office Document Prevents Another Control's Events from Working
242375 PRB: Office 97 Automation Client Fails After Re-compilation with Office 2000 or Later Type Library
243180 OFF2000: How to Get Bookshelf Basics Support in Office 2000
243253 OFF2000: How to Manipulate the Feature Tree by Using the Keyboard
243317 OFF2000: Program Unexpectedly Quits After You Click "Register Later" 50 Times
243400 OFF2000: How to Update an Administrative Installation with ODBC Vulnerability Update
243906 OFF2000: Setup Requires Disk Space on Installation Source
244482 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Try to Use Internet Functionality
245325 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll Clicking "Look in" in Open Dialog Box
245755 OFF2000: Show Office Toolbars Button May Not Be Available
246093 OFF2000: Windows Installer Breaks Access 95 File Association