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Articles for product: SharePoint Online

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956966 Search results do not include content that was recently added to a SharePoint Online site collection
956990 How to troubleshoot Autodiscover issues in Outlook in a Business Productivity Online Standard Suite environment
2522098 Shared OneNote notebooks can't synchronize correctly with SharePoint Online
2536002 Users can no longer access the SharePoint Online public website that's hosted on a custom domain in Office 365 for enterprises pre-upgrade
2539387 "Cannot insert this action" error when you try to add a SharePoint workflow action in Office 365 for professionals and small businesses pre-upgrade by using SharePoint Designer 2010
2540236 "Cannot open file template" or "Cannot be found 404" error when a user clicks an Office document link in the Office 365 portal
2547833 Cannot re-create the team site, links do not work after you delete and then re-create the team site, or you receive an "HTTP 404" error when you access the team site in Office 365
2557451 �The specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data� error occurs when you try to upload an Office Excel spreadsheet to SharePoint Online
2564987 Large images that a user adds to a Web Part in a SharePoint Online site scroll and wrap off the page
2579885 Error message when you click Register Now in Word to register your blog account in SharePoint Online: "Word cannot register your account"
2590489 The end user cannot perform a Skills search in the Microsoft Lync client
2632494 Error when you invite external users to your site: "The groups required to manage users for your site are missing"
2639747 The My Company portal is not present after the transition from Business Productivity Online Suite to Office 365
2644423 "Access Denied" error message when you click the SharePoint Online Team Site link in the Office 365 portal
2662794 Additional line breaks when pressing the ENTER key while formatting in the Rich-Text Editor in SharePoint
2776497 The Office 365 DNS Diagnostic and DNS configuration
2789555 Issues you may encounter after you receive the latest SharePoint Online service update
2792889 "Unable to find specified web in the given URL" error message when you try to create calendar overlays in a SharePoint Online site
2794026 �There has been an error while loading the form� error message when you open an InfoPath form in Office 365 SharePoint Online
2797128 "error_pagetitle" error message when you try to create a new list or site in a SharePoint Online subsite
2804550 You can't subscribe to a SharePoint Online RSS feed and track it in the Feeds section of Internet Explorer
2805904 You receive an error message when you open a SharePoint Online custom audit report
2823649 You cannot convert a domain from standard to federated authentication by using the Convert-MsolDomainToFederated cmdlet in SharePoint Online
2828701 How to add a SharePoint Online site to the "Trusted sites" zone in Internet Explorer
2835527 Error message when you click "Open with Explorer" in SharePoint Online
2847439 Only one site level is displayed on the submenu of a top navigation link in SharePoint Online
2863202 Issues you may encounter during SharePoint Online planned maintenance occurring June 2013
2868393 "List does not exist" error when you view a SharePoint Online site that was created from a template
2870968 A SharePoint Online My Site doesn�t display information in the Recent Blog Posts Web Part
2878285 July 8, 2014 update for Office Online (KB2878285)
2885658 "Site collection has exceeded its daily resource quota" error message when you try to run a sandbox solution on a Content Type Hub site collection in SharePoint Online
2914934 Content query Web Part is removed after you insert another content query Web Part in SharePoint Online
2976863 A OneDrive for Business installation fails for users confined to an internal network
2994143 "Sorry we couldn't load this app" error when you try to open an Access web app
3000815 "The provided App differs from another App" error when uploading an Access App package to SharePoint Online
3143139 Read-only users seem able to delete files in Explorer view in SharePoint
4028180 What is SharePoint?
4043924 SharePoint Online Presales Consultation
4043925 SharePoint Online Deployment Consultation
4506600 How to check for Know Folder Move eligibility in OneDrive for SharePoint
4531668 Unable to display SharePoint Pages from a different domain in iFrame