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"Access Denied" error message when you click the SharePoint Online Team Site link in the Office 365 portal

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When you access the Microsoft SharePoint Online Team Site link in the Microsoft Office 365 portal, you receive the following message:

Access denied.

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To resolve this issue, apply the necessary permissions to the new Team Site. To apply the permissions, follow these steps:
  1. Grant your admin account access to the Team Site.
    1. Log on to the Office 365 portal ( by using an account that has administrative permissions for your organization.
    2. Click the Admin tab, and then click the Manage link under SharePoint Online. This opens the SharePoint Online Administration Center.
    3. Click Site Collections. When you do this, a full list of site collections is listed.
    4. Click to select the check the box next to the Team Site. The URL will have a format that resembles, where YourDomain represents the domain that you use for your organization.
    5. Click Owners in the Ribbon that's at the top of the list of sites, and then click Manage Administrators.

    6. In the dialog box that appears, add the necessary account or accounts. When the accounts are successfully validated, click OK to save the changes.

      Note To continue, you must add the account that you intend to use to grant users permission to the site collection in one of the text boxes.

  2. Grant all users in your company access to the Team Site.
    1. Browse to your Team Site, which is located at
    2. On the Team Site, click Site Actions, click Site Settings, and then click Site Permissions.
    3. Click the link for the Team Site Members group or the Team Site Visitors group, depending on the permissions level that you want to provide to the users. Click New, and then click Add Users.

    4. Add all users in your company to this site. To do this, type All Users in the text box, and then click Check Names
      to validate this group. Click OK after the group is validated.

      Note If validation is successful, the group name is underlined.

    5. Ask any member of your organization to log on to this site from the Office 365 portal page to confirm that they have access.

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More information

After you transition from Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite to Microsoft Office 365, a new Team Site is provisioned for the organization. The Office 365 portal contains a link to the new site. However, before users can access this new site, you must first apply permissions to the site.

For more information about how to grant permissions for a site, visit the following Microsoft website:

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Still need help? Go to the Office 365 Community website.

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