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The end user cannot perform a Skills search in the Microsoft Lync client

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The end user cannot perform a Skills search in the Microsoft Lync client.

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Causes include one or more or the following:

  • The user is not running the correct SharePoint version.
  • Lync client configuration issues.
  • Lync Server or SharePoint Server issues.

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To enable the end-user to use Lync Skills search, the following scenario must exist:

  • The organization must be running Microsoft SharePoint 2007, or a later version, with maintained MySites.

    Note Lync Skills search requires the full version of SharePoint. Windows SharePoint Services is insufficient.
  • The SharePoint search center URL must be provisioned by using in-band settings.
  • SharePoint must be published to the Internet.
Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure that the end-user is searching for the skills correctly in the Lync client. Give the end-user the following steps to perform a Skills search:

    1. Type the skill for which you want to look.
    2. Click the Skill.
    Note Direct the end-user to provide a screen shot of the error message.
  2. Determine whether the issue concerns Lync Server or SharePoint Server.
    1. Obtain a copy of the client configuration information. To access this information, follow these steps:
      1. Hold down Ctrl and right-click the Lync icon in the notification area.
      2. Select Configuration Information.
      3. Copy the information.
      4. Paste the information into Notepad and include any other data that you collected.
    2. In the provided client configuration information, verify that the Skill Search & SharePoint Search Center URLs are populated.
    3. Perform an Internet test of the URLs that were provided in Configuration Information:
      1. Copy the URL, and then paste it into a web browser to access the site.
      2. If the Skill Search & SharePoint Search Center URLs are not populated contact Microsoft support according to your customer support agreement. 

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More Information

Question: What is Lync Skill search?

Answer: Lync Server provides new features for integration with SharePoint. Users can perform keyword or skill-based searches directly from the Lync 2010 client. These searches are sent to SharePoint’s people search. Results are displayed in the Lync 2010 client. To learn more about Lync Server 2010 new features, see the article "New Features in Lync Server 2010."

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