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Articles for product: Exchange Online

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10062 Troubleshooting issues with IMAP mailbox migration
10094 Troubleshooting migration issues in Exchange hybrid environment
923575 Error message when Outlook tries to connect to a server by using an RPC connection or an HTTPS connection: "There is a problem with the proxy server's security certificate"
940259 You receive an email message that contains incorrect time information from Exchange
956297 Outlook 2007 unexpectedly connects to an on-premise Exchange Server 2007 server mailbox instead of an Exchange Online server mailbox
956960 The original owner may be unable to configure or manage the Distribution Group after you migrate an On-Premise Active Directory Distribution Group to a Exchange Online environment Distribution Group in Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite
956961 The delegate configurations are not available after you migrate a user�s mailbox content from the on-premises messaging environment to the Exchange Online environment in Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite
956963 You receive a "Synchronization cannot continue unless Exchange Server security policies are applied" message on a Windows Mobile 6-based device that's connected to Exchange Online
956966 Search results do not include content that was recently added to a SharePoint Online site collection
956980 How to use the Delegate Access feature in Microsoft Office Outlook
957519 You are repeatedly prompted for credentials when you start Outlook 2007 that has a mailbox hosted by Exchange Online on a computer that is behind an ISA Server 2006 or ISA Server 2004 firewall
2005631 Resources in Exchange don't respond to meeting requests
2015816 How to enable logging in Entourage
2022039 "The following recipient is outside the organization" MailTip is displayed even though the recipient is a person in your Office 365 organization
2022993 Email recipients receive a Winmail.dat attachment from Entourage for Mac users in Office 365
2024309 Items are missing from your mailbox when you use Outlook to connect to Exchange Online
2167170 How to move Outlook meetings without losing the option to "Send Update"
2260527 How to enable global and advanced logging for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
2269971 Users receive Send/Receive error messages after they set up multiple accounts in Office 365 by using Outlook 2007
2277579 Non-Outlook email programs can't connect to mailboxes that are hosted in Office 365
2293029 Mobile device doesn't connect to Exchange Online through Exchange ActiveSync after the user's mailbox is migrated to Exchange Online
2296357 Mail-enabled security groups and distribution groups aren't displayed in the Office 365 portal
2332495 Outlook can't connect through a proxy that's set up by using a file://–based PAC file
2389390 Error message when you try to migrate users from an on-premises Exchange Server environment to Exchange Online in Office 365: "Unable to connect to the server"
2391896 Email messages are sent to the wrong account when multiple accounts are associated with an Outlook profile
2395649 "A migration batch is being processed" error when you try to perform a new migration in Office 365
2415053 Email messages aren't received for a new domain that you add in the Office 365 portal
2427141 You can't find a user in the offline address book in Office 365
2427193 A mobile device can't connect to Exchange Online by using Exchange ActiveSync
2449616 You can't use MAPI to set up Outlook 2003 for use with Exchange Online
2486120 Users must sign in to Office 365, Azure, or Windows Intune again when they open a new tab or a new window in Internet Explorer 8
2490343 Error message when you try to use Outlook to perform an action on a calendar meeting item: "This message could not be sent because it exceeds the maximum size allowed"
2491947 "Forest 'New Forest' needs to be updated" warning message when you try to create a federation trust between the on-premises Exchange environment and Office 365
2503175 Exchange ActiveSync doesn't download attachments to Calendar items on mobile devices
2506626 Outlook Web App opens in the light version when it's used in Office 365 even though the user has a supported web browser
2508722 Mail-enabled groups that have an email address aren't synchronized to Office 365
2509623 OWA lite - End users guide
2521770 "Cannot open your default e-mail folder" error when users try to open their mailboxes in Outlook after migration to Exchange 2010
2526164 You're not receiving email messages in Office 365 Small Business for a domain that's set up for full redelegation
2526253 �Unable to display the folder� error occurs in Outlook 2010 in an Office 365 environment
2555521 "Cannot use this ID to access this service. Please sign-in with a different ID" error when you try to access Outlook Web App by using Safari in Office 365
2560913 Users cannot access their mailbox after an Exchange mailbox is migrated to Office 365 dedicated
2563324 Current issues with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and third-party devices
2570535 How to troubleshoot Windows PowerShell issues that affect Exchange Online for Office 365
2572646 How to grant Exchange and Outlook mailbox permissions in Office 365 dedicated
2584294 Error when you try to migrate a user's mailbox data from the on-premises environment to Office 365: "This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of large items that were specified for this request."
2590107 Inline UUEncoded attachments of email messages from a UNIX-based application are garbled or are unreadable
2590119 How to troubleshoot MMSSPP synchronization error messages in Office 365 Dedicated
2590447 Office 365 pre-upgrade users experience a delay when they receive mail from connected accounts in Outlook Web App
2591913 "Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook" error when you try to access a moved mailbox in Exchange Online