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Articles for product: Exchange Online

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2591913 "Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you quit and restart Outlook" error when you try to access a moved mailbox in Exchange Online
2591933 Error message when a mailbox is moved between Exchange 2007 mailbox servers or between Exchange Online servers: "Log in failed because the mailbox you tried to access is being moved"
2600912 How to set up Exchange Online as an SMTP relay
2604282 The Junk Email Reporting Add-in doesn't appear in Outlook
2614647 "80004005-501-4B9-560" synchronization error logs are generated in the Sync Issues folder in Outlook in a Business Productivity Online Suite Dedicated environment
2615183 Error message when you run the Set-FederatedOrganizationIdentifier cmdlet to set up a hybrid deployment: "InvalidUri: Passed URI is not valid"
2615447 MMSSPP doesn't synchronize Exchange mailbox and mail-enabled objects with the dedicated managed Office 365 environment
2617079 Litigation Hold users cannot delete messages in Office 365 Dedicated
2620052 A user cannot access a mailbox by using Outlook Web App in Office 365 Dedicated
2622933 A user cannot create new rules in Outlook or Outlook Web App
2623206 Messages are not received when you send messages to a Dynamics Distribution Group in Office 365 Dedicated
2626696 "Exception has been thrown by the target" error in a hybrid deployment of Office 365 and your on-premises environment
2627433 Spam email messages are not redirected to the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook or Outlook Web App in a Forefront Online Protection for Exchange environment
2639679 How to add a disclaimer or footer to outgoing mail messages through Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
2640313 Description of Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records
2641663 How to use SMTP matching to match on-premises user accounts to Office 365 user accounts for directory synchronization
2642153 Japanese DBCS characters are corrupted when you reply to or forward a message
2648667 How to export contacts from Outlook 2011 for Mac to Exchange Online by using Outlook Web App in an Office 365 environment
2655142 Outlook Junk Email settings ignored after you move a mailbox to Exchange Server 2010
2655364 MMSSPP doesn't deprovision an Exchange mailbox and mail-enabled objects from Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR
2663556 Email messages that are sent from the on-premises environment to Office 365 show email addresses instead of display names in the From field
2667844 User can't view free/busy information for a remote user in a hybrid deployment of on-premises Exchange Server and Exchange Online in Office 365
2673379 Some messages are rejected when you try to use Exchange Online servers as an SMTP relay for on-premises business applications and network hardware devices
2677727 MRM cannot process retention policies on a cloud-based archive mailbox if the primary mailbox is in an on-premises Exchange Server 2010 organization
2685435 How to use Windows PowerShell to grant an admin access to all user mailboxes in Office 365
2685437 "Delivery has failed" and "550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound" NDR after a mailbox is moved to Office 365
2702674 Error message when you try to move mailboxes from an on-premises Exchange Server environment to Office 365 in a hybrid deployment: "The call to https://<path>/mrsproxy.svc failed"
2710029 Shared mailboxes are unexpectedly converted to user mailboxes after directory synchronization runs in an Exchange hybrid deployment
2710604 "All Required Authentication Methods could not be found" error message when you use the Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool to test the authentication methods of the specified service in Office 365
2710605 "Anonymous authentication enabled for virtual directory" error when you use the Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool to send an anonymous HTTP request from the remote server to the URL in Office 365
2711712 Error message when you open the properties of a user in Office 365: "Exchange: No mailbox plan with SKU 'BPOS_L_Standard' was found. User has no access to email"
2712678 You can't add a domain to Exchange federation in Office 365
2714467 Exchange Online users can't keep messages for longer than 14 days in Office 365
2723654 External recipients don't receive email messages that are sent to a distribution group in Exchange Online, and senders don't receive nondelivery reports
2725168 Outlook for Mac 2011 doesn't connect to Exchange Online
2729553 Meeting invitations from people outside your organization in Office 365 are displayed as email messages on a BlackBerry smartphone
2730609 On-premises users aren't getting email messages from Office 365 users in an Exchange hybrid deployment
2734791 Cross-forest or Hybrid Free Busy availability lookups fail in Exchange Server
2737890 External email messages that are sent to an Exchange Online mailbox in a hybrid deployment have an SCL value of -1
2738323 Status bar progress never shows more than 3.99 GB remaining on initial Sync of large folders
2741233 You see validation errors for users in the Office 365 portal or in the Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell
2750145 Email messages sent from Office 365 users in a hybrid deployment are rejected, and nondelivery reports are received
2757430 Archive mailbox issues for a mailbox that's migrated to or from Office 365
2757871 Office 365 mail flow troubleshooting index
2768774 Meeting in attendee�s Calendar loses track of the meeting organizer
2772596 Error when you run the Hybrid Configuration wizard: "Updating hybrid configuration failed with error 'Subtask CheckPrereqs execution failed: Check Prerequisites'"
2773628 "FederationInformation could not be received" and "405 Method Not Allowed" errors in a hybrid deployment of Office 365 and your on-premises environment
2776497 The Office 365 DNS Diagnostic and DNS configuration
2783045 Items reappear in a user's mailbox or are duplicated in the archive mailbox when an archiving policy is enabled during IMAP migration
2784785 "550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound" NDR error message when you send email messages by using Outlook in Office 365