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Articles for product: Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions

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232016 Removing FrontPage Server Extensions Leaves Server Extended
232524 List of components in FrontPage 2000 that require FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
232627 How to "Rollback" to FrontPage 98 Server Extensions from FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
233489 Server Error: Error Occurred While Retrieving the List of Users from the Systems
234011 Saving Form Results to Access Database ODBC Error
234261 Server Extensions Configuration Wizard Will Not Start
234672 Script Fails to Patch Server
235342 FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Search Component Does Not Work after Upgrade
236085 Server Error: Cannot Mark a Folder Executable on This Server
236139 Data in Scrolling Text Box Is Not Saved to HTML Page
236464 How To Restrict Users and Groups in FrontPage 2000 on IIS
236603 Err Msg: The Top-Level Folder for Web <Root Web> Is a Symbolic Link...
236608 Internal Server Error 500 Occurs When Attempting to Assign Category to Files on Alpha/UNIX
236960 Server Error: Visual Source Safe Failure. A "File or Project Not Found" Error Occurred While Operating on File "$/Foldername"
237960 You receive an open failure error message when you open FrontPage Webs on an IIS when connecting through a Raptor firewall
238128 The Name "Groupname" Is Not a Valid User or Group
238252 Enable Event Error Logging for FrontPage 2000 and Visual SourceSafe
238467 Edit with Microsoft FrontPage Option Not Available in Internet Explorer 5.0
239083 FP2000: "FrontPage Features That Require Server Extensions" White Paper
239833 How to Configure FrontPage Authoring with Site Server Membership
240162 FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for UNIX Create *.cnf Configuration File to /Usr/Local/Frontpage Directory
240735 How to Reset Multiple Virtual Server Permissions in FrontPage 2000
240736 How to Restrict Browse Access to a Folder
240968 FrontPage 2000 UNIX Extensions Monopolize Portmap
241773 How to Make a Hit Counter Count Backward
241963 INFO: SourceSafe Integration Changes with FrontPage 2000 Server
243223 FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Installation Is Slow on a Multihosted WebSite Pro Server
243331 You receive a connection error message when you create a database connection or locate a database
243337 PRB: Errors with Integration After Enabling P & M
243623 Errors Occur with Source Control Integration When Checking Out Files
244221 Full Removal of FrontPage Server Extensions from an IIS 3.0 Web Site Breaks All Sites
244535 HOW TO: Move a FrontPage Extended Web Site to a Different Location
245161 Error Message: "MMC Caused a General Protection Fault in Module VGA.DRV" When You Install Server Extensions in VGA Mode
246123 How To Add Web Projects to Multiple SourceSafe Databases
246924 FP: Error Message: The Destination File System Ignores Case
247683 PRB: Error Message "FrontPage Server Extentions on This Web Do Not Support Getting Previous Versions"
247781 MOD2000: Internal Error 2611 When You Try to Install German FrontPage Server Extensions
248063 PRB: Error message: Unable to retrieve folder information from the server
249340 FP2000: Error Message: The Configuration Wizard Was Not Able to Find the Path Directory and Cannot Proceed
250942 Upgrading to FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Breaks the Search Components
250943 Comments Are Not Saved When You Submit a Feedback Form
250949 Reducing Permissions on Subwebs Does Not Take Effect
250962 All Servers Are Disabled When You Remove the FrontPage Server Extensions from IIS 3.0
251103 FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Ignores Internet Explorer 4 Proxy Exception List
251201 FrontPage Server Extensions Image Maps Are Incorrect with the Include Page Component
253194 FrontPage Checks Out the Wrong Version of a Pinned File in Visual SourceSafe
258254 FP2000: Subweb Inherits Permissions When Set to Use Unique Permissions
260159 "An error occurred accessing your FrontPage web files" error message when you create a new subweb or view Permissions in FrontPage 2000
261975 FP2000: Timestamp on Non-FrontPage Files Does Not Change When the File Is Modified
265134 Description of FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Service Release 1.1