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How To Add Web Projects to Multiple SourceSafe Databases

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With FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions (as with earlier versions), a Web server can integrate with a single Visual SourceSafe database at a time. This article describes a workaround that allows you to add projects to multiple databases.

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When adding a project to Visual SourceSafe, the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions first determine where the Ssapi.dll file is registered on the computer. They then use this path to search for the Srcsafe.ini file to connect to a Visual SourceSafe database.

NOTE: After a project has been added, the project finds the correct database by using the Server Extensions configuration files, regardless of which Visual SourceSafe database is currently set up to receive new projects.

For each database, there must be a separate installation of Visual SourceSafe on the Web server, with separate copies of the Ssapi.dll file to register. To add a Web project to two Visual SourceSafe databases, perform the following steps:
  1. Place two copies of the Ssapi.dll file on the Web server. There are several ways to do this:
    • Have both databases on the Web server, with a separate Win32 folder for each.
    • Have the databases on remote computers, and run Netsetup from each Visual SourceSafe database to install to separate folders.
    • Have one database on the Web server, and run Netsetup from a remote Visual SourceSafe database to install this copy to a separate folder.Note: Netsetup is only available if you install the Visual SourceSafe Server setup. For information on this type of installation, see "Server Installation" in the Visual SourceSafe documentation, or click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
      187948� INFO: Server Installation With Visual Studio 6.0
  2. Register the Ssapi.dll file for the first database with the following command line:
    regsvr32 <path to win32 folder>\ssapi.dll
    NOTE: You only need to do this if you are not using the common database.
    • The Win32 folder is a subfolder of the folder in which Visual SourceSafe was installed. For a typical installation, it resembles the following: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\Win32".
    • Registering this file only changes the registry so that it points to this file (instead of to another location). For the above path, the registry contains "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\Win32\Ssapi.dll" for this file.
  3. Add the project to Visual SourceSafe.
    • From Visual InterDev:
      1. Open the Web project and on the Project menu, point to Source Control, and then click Add to Source Control.
      2. Click the Selection button to add only the selected project.
      3. In the edit box, enter the project name in Visual SourceSafe. This defaults to <Project Name>_Web.
      4. Click OK.
    • From FrontPage:
      1. On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, point to Internet Information Server, and then click Internet Service Manager.
      2. Right-click the project and click Properties. Click the Server Extensions tab and change the version control option to Use External.
      3. In the edit box, enter the project name in Visual SourceSafe.
      4. Click OK.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the next Visual SourceSafe database and Web project.

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For information about Netsetup, see "Client installation from network" in the Visual SourceSafe documentation.

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