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Articles for product: Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Standard Edition

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217673 OFF2000: Setup Error "Installation was not completed successfully" in Quiet Mode
217674 OFF2000: Setup of Second Office 2000 CD, Does Not Remember Previous CD's Installation Path
217683 OFF2000: Maintenance Mode Requires 1280KB of Disk Space in Addition to the Features That You Choose to Add
217691 OFF2000: Menus Missing When You Run Microsoft Script Editor
217697 OFF2000: Installation Error Prompting Previous User to Reinstall Office
218541 CG5: Dragging a Drawing Object into Clip Gallery Creates a GIF Graphic
218853 OFF2000: Troubleshooting Office Kernel32.dll Errors Under Windows 98
218883 OFF2000: Pros and Cons of Run From Server Installations
219694 FP2000: Saving Office HTML File to a FrontPage Web Results in a Broken Hyperlink
220613 OFF2000: Error Message: "Could Not Set the Name Property..." When Naming Control in UserForm
220632 OFF2000: Cannot Move Tear-off Toolbar
220681 OFF2000: "Could Not Open Macro Storage" Error Message When Euro Character or Other Symbol Used in Module, Procedure or Macro Name
220683 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault with Office Assistant Character That Has Fewer Than 256 Colors
220708 OFF2000: Changing the Installation State of a Feature May Change the Installation State of Other Features
220712 OFF2000: HTML File Opens in Another Office Program
220885 OFF2000: Setup Overwrites Office 95 or Office 97 Start Menu Items
221374 OFF2000: Internal Error 2893 When Specifying Long Company Name
221423 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault in FM20.DLL When Showing UserForm
221437 OFF2000: Task Scheduler Is Turned On After Installing Office
221461 OFF2000: Error Copying Item When Office Clipboard Is Out of Memory
223396 How to minimize metadata in Office documents
224104 OFF2000: Error Message: An Unexpected Error Has Occurred
224315 OFF2000: Error Starting Visual Basic Editor with Outdated Oleaut32.dll
224434 OFF2000: Beta 2 Not Detected During Setup
224435 OFF2000: Errors Running Office from CD-ROM
224744 OFF2000: Error Message: "An Error Occurred While Importing This File" When Inserting TIFF File
224925 INFO: Type Libraries for Office May Change with New Release
225234 You are prompted for a password when you open an Office 2000 document in a browser
226517 OFF2000: "Keep these programs" Check Box Unavailable
226530 OFF2000: UserName and CompanyName Fields Not Set to Blanks
226687 OFF2000: Not All Choices in More Autoshapes are Autoshapes
226697 OFF2000: Animated GIF Files Play Very Quickly in Web Page
226773 You receive a "Waiting for another application to complete an OLE action" error message when you edit a linked PowerPoint 2000 presentation
228571 OFF2000: Files Deleted in Subfolder of System Temp Folder
228614 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault Running Office Program
228631 OFF2000: Motionless Office Assistant Is Always Installed to \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office Folder
228684 OFF2000: Showing Office Assistant Causes Invalid Page Fault or Crashes Program
229301 FP2000: Hyperlinks Do Not Work in Office Files when Opened From FrontPage
229345 PowerPoint and Excel do not display marquee elements in HTML documents as Word does
229375 OFF2000: "Web Browsing Component Only" Installs Internet Explorer 5
229381 OFF2000: Unable to Install Internet Explorer 5 in Office Maintenance Mode Setup
229386 OFF2000: "...setup completed successfully" Message Does Not Appear at the End of Setup
229393 OFF2000: Run-Time Error 13 Coercing Euro Symbol to Currency Data Type
229410 OFF2000: Cannot Open Binder Documents After Installing Office 2000
229448 OFF2000: Unexpected Behavior with System Information
229451 OFF2000: Removing Office Removes User-modified Files
229457 OFF2000: Error Installing Office on Windows NT with Internet Explorer 2.0
229491 OFF2000: CD-ROM Error When Running Office Program
229550 You receive a program error message when you use FrontPage 2000 Help and then open Help in another Office program
230560 OFF2000: Error Message "Cannot connect to the FTP server" When You Access an FTP Site