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OFF2000: Show Office Toolbars Button May Not Be Available

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When you view a Microsoft Office 2000 document in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, the Show Office Toolbars button may not be visible on the toolbar, and you cannot use toolbars that belong to the Microsoft Office 97 program.

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This occurs if the document that you are viewing is embedded in a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document through the use of an <IFRAME> tag.

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To avoid this problem, do not embed a Microsoft Office document in <IFRAME> tags if the use of toolbars is absolutely necessary. Instead, open your document directly in Internet Explorer 6.0, instead of embedding it in an HTML document.

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This behavior is by design.

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More information

The Show Office Toolbars button appears on the toolbar in Internet Explorer 6.0 when you open a document that belongs to an Office 97 program, such as Microsoft Excel 97.

When you open a Microsoft Office document in Internet Explorer 6.0, the following events occur:
  1. The document is opened and displayed.
  2. The Office program's menus are displayed.
  3. Toolbars that are both undocked and visible are displayed.
Note Toolbars that are both docked and visible are not automatically displayed. To display such toolbars, click the Show Office Toolbars button. If you want to hide the docked and visible toolbars again, click the Hide Office Toolbars button.

If you open an HTML document that contains an Office document that is embedded in an <IFRAME> tag, the Show Office Toolbars button will not appear on the toolbar.

Here is an example of an HTML document that contains an embedded Office document:
   <IFRAME SRC="http://myserver/myfile.xls" WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=400>
The <IFRAME> tag creates a floating frame that contains the specified Office document.

If you open this HTML document, the Microsoft Excel workbook appears, but the Show Office Toolbars button does not.

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