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Articles for product: Microsoft Lync 2013

Article ID Article Title Hidden
2889929 October 2014 update for Lync 2013 (KB2889929)
2896666 Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Microsoft graphics component could allow remote code execution
2898357 Screen readers cannot read aloud keystrokes during a Lync 2013 application or desktop sharing session in Windows
2898886 "Presence unknown" status for a contact in a federated environment or a different front-end pool is displayed in Lync 2013
2898887 User cannot call another user by clicking a telephone number hyperlink in a contact card in Lync 2013
2898888 Lync 2013 crashes when an RCC-enabled user signs in
2899507 November 11, 2014 update for Lync 2013 (KB2899507)
2907651 On-premises Lync Server integration with Exchange Online fails
2907820 Inconsistent format and duplicate telephone numbers are displayed in a contact card in Lync 2013
2908005 MS13-096: Vulnerability in Microsoft Graphics component could allow remote code execution: December 10, 2013
2908105 Description of the Office updates: November 12, 2013
2910927 December 9, 2014 update for Lync 2013 (KB2910927)
2916650 Lync displays duplicate contacts, contacts contain incorrect information, or you can’t remove contacts
2919506 Can't hear the first few words that a callee speaks when they answer a call in Lync 2013
2919507 The "Program Events" sound setting is reset to the default value after you restart Lync 2013
2919508 Can't rotate the screen orientation of a video window in a Lync 2013 video conference on a Windows 8.1-based device
2919510 A pie chart clock icon appears in the "Conversations" tab as a meeting icon in Lync 2013
2920744 February 10, 2015 update for Lync 2013 (KB2920744)
2932389 Persistent Chat file transfer fails between an external user and an internal user in Lync 2013
2933495 Memory leak occurs during a video call or when you rest the mouse pointer on a video icon in Lync 2013
2937335 Description of the Office updates: March 11, 2014
2941631 Cannot drag a distribution group to change position in your contact list in Lync 2013
2941635 Can’t sign in to Lync 2013 when Office 365 account UPN differs from domain account UPN
2941636 Search fails in Lync 2013 when non-Latin characters are used in a different case from the AD DS attributes
2941639 Call forwarding to the Response Group fails in Lync 2013
2941640 Desktop sharing session stops in Lync 2013 when all screen data is updated
2941643 Caller cannot close the window of a transferred call in Lync 2013
2941654 Update sorts and searches contacts by Furigana in Lync 2013
2941658 CTRL+TAB does not work when you switch between conversation windows in Lync 2013
2941659 Callee's name and detailed information is missing from the conversation history of a Lync 2013 outgoing call
2941682 Instant message appears using incorrect text format when the DisableRTFIM setting is enabled in Lync 2013
2953733 Office 2013 cumulative update for April 2014
2954951 Slow screen update in application sharing or desktop sharing session in Lync 2013
2955577 Lync 2013 takes a long time to sign in after reconnect to the network
2955579 Lync 2013 displays un-encoded texts in a toast notification or an instant message sent to another messaging client
2955580 Update adds a button to show details about limited functionalities when Lync 2013 connects to a backup pool
2956174 March 10, 2015 update for Lync 2013 (KB2956174)
2961173 Incorrect emoticons in a conversation after you install Office 2013 SP1 or a later version of Lync 2013
2961174 Update reports NMOS in QoE for calls between Lync 2013 and a Lync mobile client
2961175 Cannot hear the voice in an audio/video call in Lync 2013
2962975 Lync 2013 starts and prompts you for credentials when you join meeting without account that is provisioned for Lync 2013
2962980 Lync 2013 prompts you for Exchange credential in an Exchange deployed environment
2962982 Caller's display name is not in the toast notification when you receive a call in Lync 2013
2962986 Lync 2013 takes a long time to sign in after it is disconnected from a front-end server
2962989 Lync 2013 freezes during signing in when you have a long-time meeting scheduled in your Outlook calendar
2962990 UCS enabled user cannot add or remove contact, DG, or group that contains special characters in Lync 2013
2963955 Panoramic video is corrupted for Lync calls in Windows 8.1
2964042 Description of the Office updates: May 13, 2014
2967487 MS14-036: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft graphics component could allow remote code execution: June 10, 2014
2968239 "An error occurred" error when a Lync 2013 user joins a Lync Online meeting that is created by a non-federated user