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Articles for product: Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises (pre-upgrade)

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2015816 How to enable logging in Entourage
2022039 "The following recipient is outside the organization" MailTip is displayed even though the recipient is a person in your Office 365 organization
2024309 Items are missing from your mailbox when you use Outlook to connect to Exchange Online
2029293 Error message when an Office 365 pre-upgrade user tries to open Outlook: "Unable to open your default e-mail folders"
2249804 Office 365 Desktop Setup Tool error message: "Your computer requires an update to the Windows Installer Service"
2260527 How to enable global and advanced logging for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
2269971 Users receive Send/Receive error messages after they set up multiple accounts in Office 365 by using Outlook 2007
2277579 Non-Outlook email programs can't connect to mailboxes that are hosted in Office 365
2296357 Mail-enabled security groups and distribution groups aren't displayed in the Office 365 portal
2310320 Error when you try to run the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool Configuration Wizard: "Your credentials could not be authenticated. Retype your credentials and try again"
2383983 Error message from AD FS 2.0 when a federated user signs in to Office 365: "There was a problem accessing the site"
2389390 Error message when you try to migrate users from an on-premises Exchange Server environment to Exchange Online in Office 365: "Unable to connect to the server"
2390518 Office Professional Plus messages appear before you start an Office application
2390695 How to reactivate Office Professional Plus in Office 365 pre-upgrade for the same user or a different user
2425774 Error when you try to run the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool: "LDAP injection characters were found in the user alias"
2431304 Duplicate contacts appear in the search results when you search for users in Lync 2010
2490343 Error message when you try to use Outlook to perform an action on a calendar meeting item: "This message could not be sent because it exceeds the maximum size allowed"
2520976 Error 012 when you run the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool
2522098 Shared OneNote notebooks can't synchronize correctly with SharePoint Online
2535789 Internet-based client computers can't authenticate after you set up Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) in a "firewall-published" configuration
2536002 Users can no longer access the SharePoint Online public website that's hosted on a custom domain in Office 365 for enterprises pre-upgrade
2555521 "Cannot use this ID to access this service. Please sign-in with a different ID" error when you try to access Outlook Web App by using Safari in Office 365
2566899 Issues that may prevent client programs from being configured correctly by the Office 365 Desktop Setup Tool
2579885 Error message when you click Register Now in Word to register your blog account in SharePoint Online: "Word cannot register your account"
2587698 Office 365 pre-upgrade administrators can't sign in to the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Quarantine service to access mail quarantine
2590447 Office 365 pre-upgrade users experience a delay when they receive mail from connected accounts in Outlook Web App
2598459 How to use the Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging (MOSDAL) Support Toolkit to diagnose single sign-on (SSO) issues in Office 365
2600234 "You don't have the permissions required to send messages" error message when you use Outlook Web App to reply to a message from an account that you connected to Office 365 pre-upgrade
2600912 How to set up Exchange Online as an SMTP relay
2603474 "Relay Access Denied" or "Hop Count Exceeded" non-delivery report (NDR) error message when users send mail to Office 365 users
2619789 Users experience unexpected sign-in results in Office 365 after you apply a client access policy
2624610 Outgoing message delivery is delayed or rejected in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange and you receive a "Greylisting in action, 451 4.7.1" nondelivery report
2627433 Spam email messages are not redirected to the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook or Outlook Web App in a Forefront Online Protection for Exchange environment
2630435 How to verify a domain for a domain registrar that doesn't accept the MX verification record in Office 365
2632494 Error when you invite external users to your site: "The groups required to manage users for your site are missing"
2636322 How to troubleshoot issues that you may encounter when you use the Lync 2010 mobile client for Nokia Symbian
2639679 How to add a disclaimer or footer to outgoing mail messages through Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
2640313 Description of Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records
2643142 Error message in the Office 365 portal: "The content cannot be displayed in a frame"
2643588 Federated users can't access Office 365, Windows Intune, or Windows Azure resources as a different user
2644423 "Access Denied" error message when you click the SharePoint Online Team Site link in the Office 365 portal
2652040 Error when an SBS 2011 Essentials user signs in to Office 365 after they change the password for their user account: "We don't recognize this user ID or password"
2652159 Error message when users try to send email messages through Forefront Online Protection for Exchange: "Too much email from <IP address>"
2666743 "550 5.7.1 Service unavailable" nondelivery report (NDR) error code in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
2666768 How to configure user passwords to never expire in Office 365
2669550 Changes aren't synced to Windows Azure AD after you change the UPN of an on-premises user account to use a different SSO-enabled domain suffix
2684927 How to view and to troubleshoot events that are logged by Office Professional Plus 2010 for Office 365 in Event Viewer
2690809 How to perform a message trace in the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) Administration Center
2693625 External users can�t join Lync Online conferences anonymously or as guests
2702674 Error message when you try to move mailboxes from an on-premises Exchange Server environment to Office 365 in a hybrid deployment: "The call to https://<path>/mrsproxy.svc failed"