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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 Service Pack 3

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264008 You receive a �0xC007054B� error message when you run the Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 Setup program
310652 INF: Lista de errores corregidos por Commerce Server los Service Pack 2000
311456 List of bugs fixed by Exchange 2000 Server service packs
312483 Event ID 6001 messages are logged when you use Exchange 2000 Calendar Connector
315250 Your attempt to generate an offline address list does not work and Event 9126 occurs in Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003
315631 HOW TO: Forward Mail with Unresolved Recipients to a Single Mailbox
316035 Lotus Notes Client versions that are tested with the Exchange Notes Connector
316708 You Cannot Fail Over System Attendant After You Install Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1
319785 New E0Xtmp.log behavior after you apply Exchange 2000 SP2
322261 You cannot log on to your mailbox by using Outlook Web Access with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) from a Macintosh computer
322837 Events 2104, 2102, and 8250 are logged after you apply Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3
325926 Support WebCast: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 3 Overview
326371 Migration Wizard stops responding when you import a specific message from an exported Lotus Notes mailbox
326391 The CDO for Exchange Management code stops responding and runtime error c00707ba is generated
328242 You receive an error message when you try to change passwords if OWA is not installed in the default Web site in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003
328612 INFO: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server and Development With Drive M
328738 How the Recipient Update Service applies recipient policies
328927 The folder permissions change for Exchange 2000 accounts when you add a delegate to an Outlook 2002 special folder
329773 The SAD_ScSaveGatewayTrackingData function returns an 0x0000bf69 error
329864 Support WebCast: Troubleshooting Virtual Memory Fragmentation on Microsoft Exchange 2000 Servers
329973 Exchange Mailbox Manager does not work, and event 9314 is logged in Exchange 2000
330279 Deleted routing groups are listed in the WinRoute tool; fix requires Exchange 2000 SP3
330298 Error when an IMAP4 user tries to open a meeting request link: "404 Error"
555231 Strip attachment from NDR
555286 Beyond eseutil - #define JET_errSLVSpaceMapCorrupted-2226
555365 How to export the members of a distribution group in Exchange 2000/2003 using LDIFDE.
555559 You receive a "Specify a value from 0 through 2097151" error on Limits in Mailbox Store properties
555835 Exchange Server 2003 and third party compliance archiving
556030 Setting "Squeaky Lobster" performance counter settings
811367 The System Cleanup Folder folder is not removed after you install Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 3
813840 March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server post-Service Pack 3 rollup
815452 XGEN: March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 3 Rollup for ADC
820924 "HTTP 404" error message when you use OWA to open an item that is posted to a public folder in Exchange 2000 Server
821733 Incoming message is garbled if the To line exceeds 1,022 characters
821743 The gatewayProxy attribute on the Recipient Update Service object is not cleared
822588 You receive a "The object is no longer available" message when you expand Public Folders in Exchange System Manager in Exchange 2000 or in Exchange 2003
822885 Newsgroup Display Name Is Not Updated When You Run the Rgroup.vbs Script in Exchange 2000 Service Pack 3
824078 Pri pou�it� CDO 1.21 d�l nebo odpov�d�te na e-mailovou zpr�vu Exchange 2000 Server nen� generov�n precten�
826279 Information stores in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange Server 2003 cannot be mounted
827555 Um n�mero incorreto de itens n�o lidos pode ser exibido para pastas p�blicas no Exchange 2000 Server SP3
828875 You cannot move an Exchange mailbox after you use the Exmerge.exe utility
829207 Microsoft Exchange Information Store service stops responding when a store event sink runs in Exchange 2000 Server
832429 You receive an NDR for all recipients when you send an e-mail message to a personal distribution list in Exchange 2000 Server
834784 Content stream is corrupted when you use a CDO function with the GetStream method to load an e-mail message in Exchange 2000 Server
840858 You cannot bring the Exchange MS Search resource online in Exchange 2000
875550 The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service crashes every 15 minutes in Exchange 2000 Server
883527 Virtual memory fragmentation events are logged every hour on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2000
884863 Update to Exchange 2000 Server and to Exchange Server 2003 adds application event logging for deletion of public folders
886769 A prefix in the Subject line of a journaled e-mail message is duplicated in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange Server 2003