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Articles for product: Microsoft SharePoint Team Services

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189799 Frequently asked questions about Fpexedll.dll
271613 STS: How to Turn on Global Logging for SharePoint Team Services
272945 STS: Using the SharePoint Team Services Command-Line Utility (Owsadm.exe)
275295 FP2002: Quick Launch Link Is Not Added via the Add Link Dialog Box
281777 FP2002: Do Not Edit Layout Pages in Root Web of SharePoint Team Web Site
285880 STS: How to Change the Color of the Vertical Right Border in a SharePoint Team Web Site
288230 STS: How to Change the Color of the Horizontal Top Banner
289302 STS: Cannot Upload File to SharePoint Team Services Document Library
289465 How to configure Usage Analysis processing on a Windows 2000 Server that is running the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions or SharePoint Team Services
289529 How to start Usage Analysis processing on an IIS Web server
290281 You receive a "JavaScript error" error message when you click a List View Web component in FrontPage 2002
292644 STS: Error Message After You Change Password: ADO Error 80040E4D: Login Failed for User 'sa'
292659 STS: Error Message When You Use Search Component: An <%if ...%> Was Found Without a Matching <%else%> or <%endif%>
292662 FP2002: Error Message When You Create a User or a Role by Using the Owsadm.exe Utility
292663 Error message when you add or edit an item in a SharePoint Web site
292681 FP2002: Errors When You Browse to SharePoint Team Services Site Administration Page
292682 STS: Run-Time Error When You Open a Web Page That Contains a SharePoint Form
293512 Description of FTP and anonymous access with the server extensions installed
294150 FP2002: Entries for Fpexedll.dll Are Added to Each Extended Site
294948 STS: Error Trying to Customize Home Page Layout
298827 Include components and shared borders are displayed incorrectly on IIS
299360 Include component and shared borders are displayed incorrectly on UNIX servers in FrontPage
300838 FP2002: Error Message: The User Account 'Username' Cannot Be Added...
300893 You cannot use Site Server Membership Authentication to authenticate after you configure a Web site with FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
301954 How to set up a restricted-access Web in FrontPage 2002
303142 FP2002: Navigation Bar Does Not Appear, Error on Server Console
309394 How to use URLScan with FrontPage 2000
310096 FP2002: Error Message Appears After You Perform Usage Analysis
315845 How to publish a SharePoint Team Web site from one server to another by using FrontPage 2002
318290 How to use URLScan with FrontPage 2002
321442 FrontPage Server Extensions and SharePoint Team Services cannot add local groups to roles
322650 Cannot change NTFS permissions for SharePoint Team Services Web site in FrontPage 2000 or FrontPage 98
329362 You receive an error message when you open either a SharePoint team Web site or another Web site with the FrontPage Server Extensions that uses a ISAPI filter that modifies server headers
813360 MS03-051: Buffer overrun in Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions could allow code execution
815192 STS: Hyperlink Does Not Work in Invitation Wizard E-Mail Message
817120 Default Look of a SharePoint Team Services Web Site Is Lost
817129 Theme Applied to a SharePoint Team Services Web Site in Internet Explorer Is Not Applied When You Edit Web Site in FrontPage
817130 Cannot apply CSS or theme to a FrontPage Dynamic Web Template (.dwt) page in SharePoint Team Services
817695 HOW TO: Install SharePoint Team Services 1.0 on a Windows Server 2003-Based Computer
817932 Smigrate error accessing service.cnf during backup of rootweb in Office 2003 and Windows SharePoint Service
820774 How to install and configure SharePoint Team Services for Microsoft Project Server 2002 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
825538 How to use URLScan with FrontPage 2003 or with SharePoint Designer 2007
825547 HOW TO: Use the SharePoint Administrator to Install and Configure the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
830423 "Error 1931" error message when you apply Office XP Service Pack 3 for SharePoint Team Services to a Windows Server 2003-based computer that is running SharePoint Team Services
833845 Overview of Office XP Service Pack 3 for SharePoint Team Services
840384 Custom FrontPage 2003 components that are developed by using the FrontPage Software Developer's Kit may not work after you apply the MS03-51 security bulletin
871150 You are unexpectedly prompted to open or save the Fpadmdll.dll file when you start Microsoft SharePoint Administrator in FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions or in SharePoint Team Services
890829 Description of the security update for SharePoint Team Services: February 8, 2005
890850 The value of the Turkish Lira is not displayed in both the old TL format and the new YTL format in SharePoint Team Services and FrontPage 2002
917627 MS06-017: Vulnerability in Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions could allow cross-site scripting