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Articles for product: Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses

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2134388 Error message you try to install the Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 from Office 365 Desktop Setup: "Installation failed"
2159137 You receive an Office 365 Desktop Setup error that states that the computer does not meet minimum system requirements
2391795 How to configure text message-based notifications in Office 365 Exchange Online
2402246 You are prompted to enter your user name and password when you connect to Office 365 resources using a rich-client application
2423808 A URL is not formatted as a hyperlink when you send or receive an instant message that contains a URL in Lync Online
2431415 "Unable to sign in to service" error after you remove a custom domain in the Office 365 environment
2456592 Microsoft Online Services compatibility with single-label domains, with disjoint namespaces, and with discontiguous namespaces
2461500 You cannot access Office 365 resources by using a Macintosh computer
2495854 Error message when you view an Outlook Web App Web Part in a SharePoint Online site in Office 365: "This content cannot be displayed in a frame"
2503399 Error message when you try to play a .wmv file on a SharePoint site by using the Silverlight plug-in in your web browser: "Media failed to load"
2510049 Users in the on-premises environment are not receiving mail from Office 365 users
2512834 "To use your subscription for Microsoft Office on this computer, you must first disable the subscription on another computer" message when you install Office Professional Plus
2519362 Error when you try to remove distribution groups from Office 365: "You don't have sufficient permissions. This operation can only be performed by a manager of the group"
2519370 Error when you try to remove or make a change to a distribution group by using Exchange Control Panel in Office 365: "You don't have sufficient permissions"
2535012 Error message when you try to add an RSS Web Part in Microsoft SharePoint Online: "Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type is not registered as safe"
2547833 Cannot re-create the team site, links do not work after you delete and then re-create the team site, or you receive an "HTTP 404" error when you access the team site in Office 365
2557451 �The specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data� error occurs when you try to upload an Office Excel spreadsheet to SharePoint Online
2564987 Large images that a user adds to a Web Part in a SharePoint Online site scroll and wrap off the page
2578689 Error message when you try to set an Out of Office reply message in Entourage 2008 for Mac: "Set your Out of Office status after the connection to your Exchange account is restored"
2580427 You do not have the option to open a .pdf file in a web browser when you click the file in a SharePoint Online library
2588080 Error during an administrator self-service password reset in Office 365: "Contact an administrator to reset your password"
2591933 Error message when a mailbox is moved between Exchange 2007 mailbox servers or between Exchange Online servers: "Log in failed because the mailbox you tried to access is being moved"
2597231 You receive the error "Invalid URL" when you try to join a Lync Online conference
2605805 "The subscription service for Microsoft Office cannot be started" error when you try to sign in to or activate Office Professional Plus
2630870 How to run Visual Upgrade on a SharePoint site that was transitioned from Business Productivity Online Suite to Office 365
2639610 [SDP 3][bf94612c-8d65-4848-8f2c-4527635a03f9] Microsoft Office 365 Connectivity Analyzer Diagnostic
2644173 How to use the Office 365 Desktop Readiness Tool to assess the compatibility of a desktop for Office 365
2646254 How to configure the self-service password reset for administrators feature in Office 365
2651292 Your Outlook profile isn�t automatically set up for Office 365 through Exchange Autodiscover
2698626 Error message when you try to sign in to Lync 2010 after a network outage or a Lync Online service outage: "Cannot sign in to Lync"
2768774 Meeting in attendee�s Calendar loses track of the meeting organizer
2794026 �There has been an error while loading the form� error message when you open an InfoPath form in Office 365 SharePoint Online
2804550 You can't subscribe to a SharePoint Online RSS feed and track it in the Feeds section of Internet Explorer