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Articles for product: Microsoft Outlook 2002 Standard Edition

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325930 How to troubleshoot connectivity issues that are caused by RPC client protocol registry entries
328927 The folder permissions change for Exchange 2000 accounts when you add a delegate to an Outlook 2002 special folder
329136 "The information store could not be opened" error message occurs when you try to view client permissions in Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server
555851 Earlier Outlook clients cant connect to Exchange 2007 Server
812271 XADM: Problems When You Create or Delete a Public Folder
813929 XADM: A User Cannot Set Another User as a Delegate in Outlook
814441 "An unknown error has occurred" error message in Outlook
814759 Keyboard shortcuts do not function on a delegated mailbox
817093 How to troubleshoot Office XP Setup problems on Windows 2003 Server
820499 Cannot Create MAPI Profile in Outlook 2000 , Arabic Version
820500 Delivery and read receipts header language
820501 Mailbox default folders language
820502 Default Public folder localized names
820810 Changing the code page of an e-mail in outlook does not affect the subject characters
821840 Attachment placeholder does not appear in printed HTML e-mail messages
830265 You receive an "Out of memory" error message when you try to save a file
831234 How to make sure that your free/busy information is correctly updated in an environment where you use both Outlook and OWA clients
833399 Cannot add an additional mailbox to a MAPI profile in Exchange 2000 Server
837827 You receive a "Setup cannot update the file" error message when you install Office XP SP3
867504 How to change the publishing settings for free and busy information on Outlook client computers by using Group Policy
883634 A remote procedure call returns an incorrect error message to an Exchange client when a user password has expired in Windows Server 2003
884111 Large e-mail messages download slowly, or Outlook stops responding
884671 Information about the new flag in the PR_STORE_SUPPORT_MASK property that indicates support for Unicode in Outlook
886796 Users cannot synchronize Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 offline folders with Exchange 2000 Server
887409 The offline Address Book may not download successfully in Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003
891425 You can use the MAPI_TEMPORARY_PROFILES flag to create MAPI profiles in temporary .mmp files
892764 Description of the support process for issues that are related to the "Outlook is retrieving data" message in Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003
899704 Description of common scenarios in which Calendar information may be removed from the Calendar or may be inaccurate
902412 MS06-003: Vulnerability in TNEF decoding in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange could allow remote code execution
905184 Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003 performance may be affected when desktop search engine software is running on Outlook or other MAPI client computers
909915 Microsoft products do not reflect Australian daylight saving time changes for the year 2006
913471 Description of the updates for Office XP: March 14, 2006
915577 How to incorporate Indiana's time zone change in Outlook e-mail clients in Exchange Server
917481 Information about CDO patching and third-party programs that interface with the calendar in Exchange Server and in Outlook
924259 Delegate is unable to see private items if permissions are granted to distribution group or security group
926209 Error message when Outlook clients synchronize an offline address book with Exchange 2000: "'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F)"
940728 Reminders for long overdue calendar items randomly appear when Outlook is connected to a mailbox that is hosted in Exchange 2007
971435 Steps to enable Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 Calendar Store tracing