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Articles for product: Accounts Receivable

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850138 KB 850138 - Steps to Modify the RM Accounts Due Report in Report Writer
850387 Receivables Management National Account Table information
857019 Month-end procedures for Balance Forward customers
865616 National Accounts Inquiry
866571 Multicurrency statement forms for Balance Forward Customers
866677 Posting Journals not including Multicurrency information
885303 Open small balances or credits do not appear in the "Small Balance/Credit Write Off (08.450.00)" screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL
926833 You notice that batches have a status of Void in Accounts Receivable or in Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics SL
936174 Description of how payments from Accounts Receivable can update Project Controller through the Financial Transaction Transfer process in Microsoft Dynamics SL
947993 Description of the "clean up" functionality for various modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX
968810 The amount in the "Shipped" box in the "Balance" area on the Customer Information tab on the Customer Maintenance (08.260.00) screen is incorrect in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2030517 "Application has stopped working" error when you add a note in the Small Balance Write-Off (08.030.05) screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2436720 "OM - has stopped working" error message when you print the Sales Journal (40.690.00) report in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2441560 System Message 8888 when you release an Accounts Receivable batch that was created by Service Contract Invoicing in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2468211 Quick Send invoices are embedded in the body of an email message instead of being sent as an attachment in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2469836 The Invoice/Memo Forms (08.760.00) report prints blank for customers who are set up to use Quick Send in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2493934 The "Statements (08.600.00)" report stops responding and does not print
2601385 "System Message 8058" error is logged when you use transaction import to import records into the "Payment Application (08.030.00)" screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2604700 "ROI.EXE has stopped working" error message when you print or print preview the "Customers (08.650.00)" report in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2641269 Actual Build Quantity is rounded to two decimal positions in bin/lot/serial numbers (40.112.00)
2652330 Inventory Issues batches are partially released when they are created from Order Management Sales Journal
2655112 System message 916 when an Order Management invoice is sent by using Quick Send
2656010 You receive System Message 6201 when you print an Order Management Invoice in a company that does not use the Inventory module
2659461 System message 10065 when you enter more than 26 documents in Shippers (40.110.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2665551 When you enter many line items on a Shipper in Order Management in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, you receive "System Message 10065 Application 4011000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors"
2668840 Error message when you print the Sales Journal (40.690.00) report in Order Management in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and there is no Inventory Setup record: "Company %, shipper %: Input string was not in a correct format"
2669845 Error message when you select the Keep All option in various order management reports in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "System Message 10065 Application 4060001 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors"
2679025 The work order ID does not auto-increment correctly in Work Order Entry (12.250.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2679938 System message 10065 "Application 4010000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors" in Order Management Sales Orders (40.100.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2679997 Error message when you click the "Grid to Excel Download" button in Project Analyzer (IQ.PAS.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "An error occurred attempting to call Excel"
2686520 Error message when you import a shipper for a lot-numbered inventory item in Microsoft Dynamics SL: "System Message 15455: All lots and serial numbers have not been entered on the Bin/Lot/Serial maintenance form for inventory item %"
2686585 A new batch record is created when you delete an invoice from a batch in AR "Invoice and Memo (08.010.00)" in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2702258 Error message in Order Management Process Manager (40.400.00): "System Message 10073 'Unable to find specified error value in exception list'"
2703180 You receive system message 11500 in Sales Orders (40.100.00) or in Order Management Shippers (40.110.00) when the Inventory module is not installed and you enter an invoice date on the Other Information tab
2711380 Error message after the SOPlan.planref value reaches 99999 for a plan type: "System message 6909 Another process has added the soplan record"
2712607 The characters on the left side are truncated unexpectedly when you print a customer invoice to a printer in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
2712805 A shipper does not advance to the next step after you select "Confirm Shipping" in Release or Confirm Shipper (40.110.01) in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2715638 Totals are not printed in a "Collection letter overview" report in Germany in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
2719276 The address disappears in a collection letter after you have the address edited in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
2719685 A customer receives an order management invoice for another customer through Quick Send
2727208 System Message 15455 when you import lot-tracked inventory items into the Shippers screen: "All lots and serial numbers have not been entered"
2733205 Duplicate Euro summary lines are displayed when you print a sales invoice after you apply hotfix 2702746 in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
2733768 A shipper is not created if a Sales Order is bound to a Purchase Order and there are both stock and non-stock items on the order
2750891 The Cancel Open Shippers option in the Sales Order screen does not cancel the shipper
2763941 When you create a Shipper from an Order, the Invoice In value is set incorrectly to Order Management instead of Project Flexible Billings
2769599 The Soline.AltIDType is null when the order line contains a valid customer alternate id. This causes OM forms to exclude data
2769971 When you Quick Print an AR Invoice, the process is slower that it should be
2778695 The Company field in the Purchase Order Maintenance screen does not keep the company ID that is selected from the PV list. The login company is the only company that will display in the Company field
2782191 Programming bulletproof error 11500 occurs when you try to send a document multiple times to a one-time receiver by using Quick Send
2786991 The Shippers screen stops responding when the quantity available for a warehouse location is negative and the Bin/Lot/Serial screen is opened to enter user-enterable serial numbers