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KB 850138 - Steps to Modify the RM Accounts Due Report in Report Writer

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Steps to Modify the RM Accounts Due Report in Report Writer.


This report reads from the RM Open so if you put a date restriction it sees that there is activity in the file. The work around is to add a restriction on the report as follows:

1. Go into Report Writer (Tools - Customize - Report Writer).

2. Opening the Report:

3. Click on the Reports icon from the top menu bar.

4. From the Original Reports side, highlight the RM Accounts Due Report and choose insert.

5. Then on the Modified Reports side, highlight the same report and choose the Open button.

6. In the Report Definition window choose the Restrictions button.

7. In the Report Restrictions window choose New.

8. Name the restriction 'Zero Balance'

9. In the functions section, click on the drop-down list for Functions and choose FORALL.

10. Then choose the Add Function button.

11. In the fields section, click on the drop-down list for Report Table and choose the RM OPEN.

12. Click on the drop-down list for Table Fields and choose DOCUMENT DATE.

13. Choose the Add Field button.

14. In the operators section, choose the GREATER THAN SIGN (>) button.

15. In the constants section, click on the drop-down list for Type and choose Date.

16. Choose the Add Constant button.

The Restriction Expression should read:

FORALL(RM_Open.Document Date > 0/0/00)

17. Choose the OK button.

18. Close the Report Restrictions window.

19. Click OK in the Report Definition window.

20. From the top menu bar, choose File - Great Plains Dynamics.

21. Give users access to the modified report in the Security Setup window (Setup - System - Security).

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