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Articles for product: Lync 2010

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2431899 The controls of Conferencing Add-in for Office Outlook are still available in a conference request after you configure the conference to use Lync 2010 Online Meeting
2431942 Lync 2010 client cannot place calls to the Exchange Unified Messaging Auto Attendant
2464810 A credential dialog box appears or an error message is received when you log on to Lync Online
2464811 The icon of the speakerphone in Lync 2010 is not generic
2464817 You have to press the TAB key two times to select the “Save my password” check box after you type your password in the Lync 2010 logon screen
2464821 An Exchange error notification displays in Lync 2010 when an authentication proxy is deployed in a Lync Online environment
2464823 The Lync 2010 client crashes during a conference video call that includes ACP users
2464828 The “Learn More” link does not indicate as a selection when you press the TAB key to select it in the “Edit Location” dialog box in Lync 2010
2464840 You are directed to the MSN website when you try to download software that is required to log on to Lync online by using Lync 2010
2464841 Lync 2010 does not populate your location information automatically
2464842 “Cannot sign in to Lync because this sign-in address was not found” error message during the Lync 2010 logon process when the default user is Lync-disabled
2464845 A Silverlight application for Lync 2010 does not start from a URL address that does not contain the page name
2464850 The conference disclaimer is missing from the “Disclaimer” window when you try to join a Lync 2010 conference by using an Office Communicator Object Model
2464872 Certain text in an invitation email message for an online meeting are displayed incorrectly when you create the invitation email message by using a Hindi or a Kazakh version of Lync 2010
2464873 Your audio and video is enabled automatically when you click “Retry” to rejoin a Lync 2010 Audio/Video conference
2464874 A Lync Online disabled user is not handled correctly during the logon process in Lync 2010
2467763 Description of the cumulative update package for Lync 2010: January 2011
2467765 Description of the update for Lync 2010 Group Chat Client: January 2011
2475336 The text on the “IM”, “Phone” and “Share” buttons are cut off in Lync 2010 Web App
2496325 Description of the cumulative update package for Lync 2010: April 2011
2497111 Application sharing session does not work when it includes more than 200 users in Lync 2010
2497779 "Connection is not established" error message in a Lync 2010 client when an attendee is disconnected from an application-sharing session in a large conference
2498410 A user name is still in Lync 2010 after you remove the user account in AD
2499613 A Lync 2010 client crashes and causes an access violation when you click the Formatting button of an emoticon in a conversation
2500416 The AVModalityPropertyChanged event is not triggered in Lync 2010 SDK
2503538 Lync 2010 prompts you for credentials when it is retrieving availability data through Exchange Web Services
2506083 Lync client returns the error notification – Cannot complete the transfer
2514437 Users can't sign in to Communicator, Lync or Skype for Business in Office 365 Dedicated
2514982 Description of the cumulative update package for Lync 2010: November 2011
2517673 Texts in an office application are cut off or the office application does not respond when you copy the texts from a Lync 2010 instant message input window
2517691 A user cannot retrieve a parked call from a paired Lync 2010 client when the orbit number contains "#" or "*"
2517720 The icon text in the In Call screen overlaps when you join a meeting by using an Aries telephone that is running Lync 2010 Phone Edition
2517721 Lync 2010 cannot publish the "Presence" calendar data of a user
2517735 "Your online meeting invitation needs to be updated due to changed server policies." message on a computer that has Lync 2010 installed
2517736 You take over a presentation when you double-click the “Return to Presenter’s View” button in Lync 2010
2517747 The Lync 2010 Recording Player window displays incorrect localized language in Lync 2010
2517754 The Outlook.exe process is still running after you exit Outlook on a computer that has Lync 2010 installed and that is running Windows Vista
2517757 The "Start Recording" command is still available after you transfer audio to a PSTN telephone during a conference call in Lync 2010
2517760 Changing the date format is not saved for certain languages in Lync 2010 Phone Edition
2517766 A warning message is cut off in a localized version of Lync 2010
2520139 Lync 2010 does not prompt you for credentials when the credentials are deleted in Windows Credential Manager
2520142 Lync 2010 cannot connect to Lync Online service through a proxy firewall while in automatic configuration mode
2520144 Your instant message is not delivered if your URI is the same as the email address
2526253 �Unable to display the folder� error occurs in Outlook 2010 in an Office 365 environment
2531067 "Cannot sign in to Lync" error message when you sign in to Lync Online
2531068 "Lync cannot verify that the server is trusted for your sign-in address." message when you sign in to Lync 2010 by authenticating to Skype for Business Online
2531078 You are prompted for credentials when your Lync Online service account differs from the Windows logon account
2533999 "Cannot sign in to Lync" error message when you sign in to a Lync 2010 client by using the Lync Online service
2539646 Users cannot host or join a conference in Lync 2010 until the Audio/Video Conferencing service is restarted
2540951 Description of the cumulative update package for Lync 2010: April 2011