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Articles for product: Microsoft Outlook 98 Standard Edition

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148496 XCLN: Creating Shared Windows Roving Users
154792 Exchange and Schedule+ white papers and their locations
162544 Troubleshooting remote function of Exchange and Schedule+
162703 You receive an error message when you try to synchronize your offline folder file if the Organizational Forms Library on your Exchange computer has been re-created or cannot be located
172093 How to access MAPI Address Books by using Collaboration Data Objects 1.x
180897 OL98: (CW) Object Models Available for Extending Messaging
183265 OL98: (CW) Enabling Outlook Automatic Upgrade
183517 XCLN: Unable to Display Outlook Calendar Folder After Move Mailbox
183927 OL98: (CW) How to Revert to Inbox Assistant from Rules Wizard
185038 XCLN: Message Recall Failure when Recalling a Message
185778 OL98: (CW) Exchange Server Limits Cause Message Not to Dismiss
185779 OL98: (CW) Exchange Server Limits Cause Task Requests to Fail
186689 XCLN: Reminders Do Not Start for Items in Public Folders
189520 XCLN: Outlook Deployment Kit (ODK) Setup Command-Line Options
189800 XCLN: IExpress Does Not Make Self-extracting Files
189841 "Unable to open this item" error message when you open an appointment or a meeting request in Outlook Calendar
190488 OL98: (CW) Mail Forwarded to Internet by Rule May Fail
197712 How to configure default free/busy options
197869 XCLN: Routing Restrictions Require SMTP Authentication
198479 Individual AutoArchive settings not stored in registry
199274 XCON: Event 13005 During POP3 Logon
199964 Error message in Exchange Server: "The Delegate page is not available. Unable to access Outlook folder."
200130 XCLN: How to Return X.400 Addresses with Outlook LDAP Service
216397 XCLN: Unable to Auto Forward Messages to SMTP Address with the Out of Office Assistant
218430 XCLN: Client SMTP Connectivity Using Secure Socket Layer
223047 AutoArchive settings do not work for additional mailboxes
225354 XCLN: Delegates Cannot Access Private Appointments
231485 XCLN: How to Remove Outlook 98 Completely
232118 XCLN: How to Force the Internet Connection Wizard to Start
234563 XCLN: Errors Using Command Line Switches with Outlook
235116 "The message interface has returned an unknown error" error message when you try to send an e-mail message in Outlook
236090 XCLN: Optional Attendee Displayed as Required to Delegate When Receiving Meeting Request
237459 XCLN: Move Server Wizard Does not Properly Reset Free/Busy Information on Mailboxes
238280 The "Out of Office Assistant" command does not appear on the Tools menu in Outlook
238489 XCLN: Icon Selected for Custom Form Does Not Appear As Expected
238567 How to restore the Outlook icon to the desktop
238773 How to export GAL entries to an Outlook contacts folder
238776 XCLN: MAPIsend tool Usage and Error Codes
238887 "Invitations have not been sent for this meeting" message in Calendar
240697 You receive an "Outlook cannot perform your search" error message when you use the Find feature in Outlook
240756 XCLN: Exmerge Loses Free/Busy Information for Existing Appointments
241325 "There is not enough space on the Microsoft Exchange Server to store all of your rules" error message when you create or import a rule in Outlook
242873 XCLN: How to Secure Outlook When You Have to Step Away from Your Computer
243727 XCLN: Defense Message System Clients Cannot Send Mail to Distribution Lists
245446 Error message: "No transport provider was available"
245830 XCLN: How to Use the Outlook LDAP Service to View the Global Address List
246052 XCLN: Offline Folder Settings Button Is Missing in Exchange Server Service Properties
246153 How can I recover items that I have "hard deleted" in Outlook?
246500 XCLN: Plain Text Message Prints Only in Proportional Font
246648 XCLN: How to Install the Routing Wizard Sample Application