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Exchange and Schedule+ white papers and their locations

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You can find many Microsoft Exchange White Papers published on the Internet in the following locations:

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More information

The Microsoft TechNet CD contains additional white papers. For information about subscribing to Microsoft TechNet, please see

The following Microsoft Exchange and Schedule+ white papers, Technical Notes, are on the February, 1997 version of Microsoft TechNet:
  • MS Exchange Disaster Recovery Part I

  • MS Exchange Disaster Recovery Part II

  • Using ShivaRemote with MS Exchange

  • Running MS Exchange on IBM OS/2 Version 3.0 (Warp)

  • MS Exchange Macintosh Client

  • MS Exchange Server Capacity Planning and Performance

  • Building Heterogeneous Mail Systems

  • Developing Applications with MS Exchange Server

  • MS Exchange Client Setup Editor and Automatic Profile Generator

  • MS Exchange in a Novell NetWare Environment

  • MS Exchange Performance: Concurrent Users Per Server

  • When to Use MS Exchange Public Folders

  • MS Exchange Server: Using Industry Standards for Greater Compatibility

  • MS Exchange Server Planning and Design Optimization Guide

  • ZIP! Office Gateway for MS Exchange: Technical Focus

  • MS Exchange Fundamentals

  • Programmer's Guide: MS OLE Messaging

  • MS Exchange Support and Troubleshooting

  • MS Exchange Architectural Planning and Design

  • MS Exchange Administration

  • MS Exchange and Mail Coexistence and Migration with LAN and Host Mail Systems

  • E-Mail and Information Exchange in Windows 95

  • MS Exchange and MS Mail: Implementing and Automating Directory Synchronization

  • Integrating Client Applications with MS Exchange

  • The MS Exchange Server Internet Mail Connector

  • Planning Your MS Exchange Site and Server Topology

  • Working with MS Schedule+

  • MS Exchange and X.400

  • MS Exchange Server Migration and Coexistence: Planning Considerations and Components

  • Planning Your MS Windows NT Server Domain Topology

  • The MS Exchange Client and Mobile Users

  • The Deployment of MS Exchange Server Within Microsoft Corporation

  • Understanding the MS Exchange Server Administration Program

  • MS Exchange Server Migration and Coexistence: Planning Considerations and Components for Lotus cc:Mail

  • Troubleshooting the MS Exchange Server and Client

  • Integrating MS Exchange Server into a Novell Network Environment

  • MS Exchange Server: Planning for Routing and Public Folders

  • MS Exchange Server Host-Based Migration and Coexistence

  • Developing Applications for MS Exchange Server

  • Use of Remote Procedure Calls in MS Exchange Server and Clients

  • X.400 Concepts and Terminology

  • Deploying MS Exchange: Lessons Learned at Microsoft

  • MS Exchange Server TrainCast Script

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