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Articles for product: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

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312626 Use Automation to Create Office Command Bars and Controls by Using Visual C++ .NET
312838 Pictures in documents that were created in an earlier version of Office appear flipped in Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007
315995 You receive an "Error 1608. Setup could not locate a version of Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP on the selected drive" error message when you try to upgrade Office 2003
316125 PRB: Visual C# .NET Error Attaching to Running Instance of Office Application
317405 How to implement the Application.AutomationSecurity property in Office XP
317535 HOW TO: Call a Visual Basic .NET Class Library from Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office
319832 INFO: Error or Unexpected Behavior with Office Automation When You Use Early Binding in Visual Basic
325573 You receive error messages when you try to open an Office document
326736 PowerPoint Show (*.pps) file copies as a PowerPoint (.ppt) file from an IIS Web server
816949 Description of the Getting Started task pane in Office 2003
817074 The PowerPoint slide show orientation changes when you change the screen orientation on a Tablet PC
817094 Cannot select "Save" or "Don't Save" for individual edits in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
817095 Photo Editor is removed when you install Office 2003, Office 2007, or Office 2010
817135 You receive an error message when you try to save your work in PowerPoint 2003, Excel 2003, or Word 2003
817934 Cannot Open a Web Site, Access Files on a Server, or Save Files to a Server
818233 The Task Pane key on an Office Keyboard does not always operate as expected in Office 2003 programs or in 2007 Office programs
820283 Error message when you reinstall Exchange Server 2003 after you install Office 2003 or Office XP
820764 You cannot specify some color values by using the Pantone system in Office programs
820930 "Installation source has been corrupted" error message when you install Office 2003
821404 You cannot send e-mail messages from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
822512 "Some files may not have been exported" error message when you try to convert a bitmap image in Office
822519 When you try to activate Office programs over the Internet, you receive an error message
822525 You cannot edit organization charts in Office 2003 and Office XP that were created in Office 2000 or in an earlier version of Office
822622 Description of Office Binder support with Office 2003 and Office XP products
823208 There is no option in the Shared Workspace task pane of an Office 2003 program to edit the "Location for new workspace" list
823815 Truncated setup log file is created during the installation of Office
826170 Administrators can use Office policy templates with the Group Policy settings of Windows
826217 How to determine whether you have a retail or enterprise edition of Office 2003
826835 You receive an error message when you try to edit Organization Chart 2.0 objects that are created in earlier versions of Office
826858 Equation 3.1 and Organization Chart do not appear on the Create New tab of Word 2003, PowerPoint 2003 or Excel 2003.
827100 How to insert scanned images in Office 2007 and Office 2003 Programs
827309 Right-click problems and annotation problems with Sensiva Symbol Commander in Office 2003 programs
827729 Picture Manager does not start when you double-click a file after you associate an image file type with Picture Manager 2003
827739 The Ink Annotation feature is available in a slide show in PowerPoint 2003 and in PowerPoint 2007
828384 The types of files and add-ins that the security level settings can affect in Office 2003 and in Office 2007
828955 How to install Office 2003 or Office XP on a computer that is running Windows Terminal Server
832392 You cannot use Photo Editor to save image from the Clipboard in Office
832765 Warning message appears when you visit the Office Update Web site: "Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later is required"
832889 The File Open dialog box does not automatically select the first available document in an Office program
833258 The fill color, the fill pattern, or the line color of a WordArt or AutoShape object in an Office document does not change
834008 You cannot send a document as an e-mail message from an Office 2003 or Office 2007 program
834427 The Remove Hidden Data tool for Office 2003 and Office XP
834636 Known issues with the Remove Hidden Data add-in version 1.0 for Office 2003 and Office XP
835404 An out-of-date antivirus program may cause errors when you try to open an Office document or to start Outlook
838010 Problems occur when you use the Rich TextBox Control 6.0 in Office XP and in Office 2003
838028 How documents are opened from a Web site in Office 2003
840184 You receive an error message when you use the Script Editor in an Office 2003 program
841352 Transparent AutoShapes or transparency patterns do not print as expected in Office XP programs, in Office 2003 programs, and in 2007 Office programs
841354 You cannot specify a Windows Server 2003-based computer as the Windows Media Server for an online presentation broadcast in PowerPoint 2003, in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002, or in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
842684 Known issues with the Remove Hidden Data add-in version 1.1 for Office 2003 and Office XP