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Articles for product: BizTalk Server 2002 Standard Edition

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275849 How to help secure the BizTalk Server Messaging service
276518 An error message occurs in the Messaging Manager when you attempt to search existing objects
279544 PRB: Error Office Web Components Are Not Installed When You Use Document Tracking Activity
299975 PRB: You May Encounter Delays When You Are Running Multiple XLANG Schedules That Are Using Correlation
306087 PRB: HTTP Receive Function Fails Immediately After It Is Created
306517 PRB: BizTalk Editor Error When You Import Excel 2002 XML Worksheet
311516 BUG: Runtime Errors When You Try to Open the Trading Partner Manager
312687 PRB: BizTalk Server Tutorial Sends Responses to Console When You Use Terminal Services
312729 INFO: You Cannot Deploy Items That Are Not Associated with a Resource in Application Center 2000
312733 BUG: The Carriage Return Delimiter Is Skipped If a Field Delimiter for Optional Field Is Present
312768 PRB: The "Transaction Usage Is Invalid" Error Occurs While You Are Using a Message Queuing Transport in BizTalk Server
312775 "Variable Uses an Automation Type Not Supported in VBScript" Error Message Occurs When You Run NestedTxns
315397 PRB: Error 1722 or 2744 Occur During the Installation of BizTalk Server
316949 PRB: You Cannot Store a File to the WebDAV Repository When You Save It in BizTalk Editor
318108 PRB: The Just-In-Time Debugging Message Appears When You Attempt to Compile BizTalk Orchestration Schedule
319290 FIX: HIPAA Properties Lost When You Save Schema in BizTalk Editor
319448 FIX: Possible Memory Leak with MIME or SMIME Encryption
319975 FIX: RosettaNet Receives "No Object for Moniker" Error Message from XLANG for Valid Monikers Under Stress
320370 FIX: An HTTP Protocol Violation Occurs When BizTalk Server Communicates with an HTTP 1.0 Server
320380 PRB: Documents That Are Sent Through the HTTP/HTTPS Transport to an ASP Page Fail Delivery
320827 PRB: Application Center Displays the "Class Not Registered" Error When You Are Adding BizTalk Server Resources
320850 HOW TO: Write a Visual Basic .NET Application Integration Component for BizTalk Server
320852 HOW TO: Write a Visual Basic .NET Preprocessor for BizTalk Server
320994 FIX: BizTalk Fails Under Stress with HIPAA 1.0 and 2.0
321112 FIX: HTTP Receive Function Cannot Handle Chunked Data
321413 HOW TO: Correlate Messages with XLANG Schedule Instances by Using a Single Message Queuing Queue
321500 FIX: The HTTP receive function may cause a process memory leak in BizTalk Server 2002
321546 PRB: The BizTalk Messaging Manager Error "The Download of the Specified Resource Has Failed" Occurs
321603 BUG: Deadlock May Occur in the BizTalk Server Work Queue
321877 INFO: BizTalk Messaging Service Enters a Paused State After Unexpected Database Failure or Network Problem
322017 FIX: BizTalk Server Incorrectly Logs the nError Code of 8 in the Document Tracking Database
322054 Use BTF to Handle Different Message Types with the Same Root Node Name
322139 PRB: You Receive the "Object Does Not Support This Property or Method" Error When You Are Using the BizTalk Document Tracking Interface
322391 PRB: Event ID 324 When You Call Interchange.Submit() with the Document Parameter
322682 PRB: Errors Occur When You Run the Learn BizTalk Tutorial Setup.vbs File
323205 PRB: "500 Internal Server" Error Message with Synchronous HTTP Receive Function
324164 FIX: BizTalk Server May Use the Incorrect Certificate Store After the Installation of Q319448 or Q322017
325767 INFO: The Value of HL04 Is Incorrect in BizTalk Server Editor
326144 PRB:
326300 HOW TO: Sample Application Integration Component for Sending Documents as Attachments in Visual C# .NET
326578 FIX: Visual Basic Runtime Error When You Test Data in BizTalk Mapper
327323 Performance limitations of BizTalk Application Integration Components that are written in Visual Basic
329108 Fix: Cannot Submit a Document That Starts with a NULL Character
329518 FIX: Retain MIME Content-Type Header in HTTP Body
330786 How To Determine the Version or Service Pack of BizTalk Server That Is Installed
810563 "The XML Document Has Failed Validation" Error Message After You Execute the SubmitSync Method Two Times
810818 PRB: "Catastrophic Failure" Error Message When You Create an Organization in Messaging Manager
811092 BizTalk Server uses the <prop:identity> element instead of the <rcpt:identity> element for receipts
812474 HOW TO: Pass a Flat File from BizTalk Orchestration to BizTalk Messaging
813205 FIX: BizTalk Server Does Not Preserve White Space in XML Documents