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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition

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158530 Build numbers and release dates for Exchange Server
182081 Description of the Isinteg utility
198479 Individual AutoArchive settings not stored in registry
199042 Calendar Connector fails with MAPI error 80004005
225090 XADM: 3093 PF Replication Error 0x8004010f Reading Property 0x67010003
238429 Messages autoforwarded to an invalid internet address appear to create a looping message in Exchange
238573 Installing, configuring, and using the InterOrg Replication utility
244525 How to run Eseutil on a computer without Exchange Server
246153 How can I recover items that I have "hard deleted" in Outlook?
254606 How to enable additional Exchange information store logging
267568 An old password still works after you change it in Outlook Web Access
268329 Error message when you run the ForestPrep, PrepareSchema, or PrepareAD command in Exchange Server: "Invalid Superclass. Inheritance Ignored"
275636 Creating Exchange Server mailbox-enabled and mail-enabled objects in Active Directory
280823 Troubleshooting OWA when the contents frame displays �Loading�
288894 How to disable MAPI client access to a computer that is running Exchange Server
292589 Web client password expiration message is not configurable in Exchange Server
297121 Implementing the Change Password feature with Outlook Web Access
298879 Exchange Server experiences performance issues when a PDC emulator is used for DSAccess or ADAcess
312287 How to make sure that Outlook clients access the correct global address list if there is more than one global address list
313866 You cannot create a new public folder in Exchange 2000 Server, in Exchange Server 2003, or in Exchange Server 2007
320202 How to remove and to reinstall IIS on a computer that is running Exchange Server
555841 Installing Exchange 2007 Management Tools On a 32 Bit Operating System
555842 Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007 Certificate issue
555851 Earlier Outlook clients cant connect to Exchange 2007 Server
555854 Common Mistakes When Upgrading Exchange 2000/2003 To a Exchange 2007
555855 Event ID 12014 may appear in Exchange 2007 Application Event Log
555859 Microsoft Exchange 2007 Information Store may fail to start after reboot
555924 How to install Microsoft Anti Spam Agents on Exchange 2007
555978 exchangeV1 Public Folder may not replicate to a new Exchange 2007 Server
556026 How to make a upgrade in place of Exchange 2007 Standard to Exchange 2007 Enterprise
556045 Brick Level Backup of Mailboxes in Exchange 2007
556055 "Setup cannot detect an SMTP or Send connector with an address space of '*'."
556057 User can't change permissions on users own calendar
556065 How to change the Storage Group default path location in Exchange Server 2007
556072 Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Notes migration, Hebrew Issue
556074 Users are unable to receive meeting requests and meeting updates in Exchange Server 2007
556079 Direct File Access shows hidden shares in Outlook Web Access 2007 (SP1)
556080 You cannot display public folders in French Exchange Management Console
817220 XADM: Non-delivery reports to a distribution list or to a public folder in Exchange server are not supported
820379 How to configure quota settings for named properties and for replica identifiers in Exchange Server 2003 and in Exchange Server 2007
823022 Event ID 490 is logged, and you receive the following error message when you try to mount the mailbox store or the public store in Exchange Server: "ID No: c1041724"
827330 How to troubleshoot client RPC over HTTP connection issues in Outlook 2003
834638 Information about the storage of data files on an encrypted volume in Exchange Server
841668 A mail-enabled contact may receive a Winmail.dat file attachment with an SMTP e-mail message instead of receiving the correct file attachment in Exchange Server
842022 Event ID 9646 is logged in the application event log of your Exchange Server 2003 computer when a client opens many MAPI sessions
842633 You may receive error messages when you try to download the Offline Address Book on behalf of another user in Exchange Server
886757 A sender's e-mail address appears to a recipient as two distinct addresses if the sender's display name contains a comma and extended characters in Exchange 2000 or in Exchange 2003
891602 You receive many error alerts after you import the Exchange Server Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
895847 Multi-site data replication support for Exchange Server
899919 Developer information about the calendar changes in Outlook 2003 Service Pack 2, in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2, and in later versions of Exchange Server and of Outlook