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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

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127970 Load Failures Listed in the Bootlog.txt File
141306 How to Enable Support for Multiple Languages in Windows
142730 How to create and use the Modemlog.txt file
159686 Manual Setup for Internet Explorer 3.x and 4.x for Windows 95/98
163637 INFO: Availability of Current Build of Microsoft VM
169803 INFO: Historical List of Shipping Vehicles for Microsoft VM
175396 Windows Socket Connection from a Multiple-Homed Computer
189989 Error Message: Runtime Error 216 at 00009275
192391 How to Change the Size of the Font in Windows Help
224993 How to Prevent Web Sites From Obtaining Access to the Contents of Your Windows Clipboard
241344 Error message: The page cannot be displayed
243299 Ambiguous Name Resolution for LDAP in Windows 2000
244442 Active Desktop Channel Bar Missing in Windows 98 Second Edition
246396 Outlook Express Start-up Informational Pane Is Blank
258000 Memory Leak When You Use the Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider
258893 Information About How to Reinstall Internet Explorer
265489 Approximately 200 or more SELECT boxes in HTML causes slow and unstable performance in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
267930 How to configure Internet Explorer 5.x to block access to all but approved Internet sites
269595 Active Desktop Wallpaper Appears Scrambled
272594 Problems logging on to a Windows 2000-based server or a Windows 2003-based server
276459 Error Message "Iexplore Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernel32.dll" When You Close an Internet Explorer Window
277008 Background Colors or Images Are Not Visible on Web Pages in Internet Explorer
277552 OL98: How to Troubleshoot Active Setup Problems in Windows 98, 98 SE or ME
283665 XL2002: Password Required to Edit a Range Protected with NT Permissions
286192 How to Enable or Disable the Dial-Up Networking Connection Icon on the System Tray
286195 How to Disable the Connection Confirmation Dialog Box
291793 Cannot browse the Internet after you uninstall ZoneAlarm
294291 "Open in New Window" Restriction Does Not Work in History Pane When in Kiosk Mode
295596 FP2000: Error Message When You Install a Web Component That Uses Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions
296283 Internet Explorer Icon Does Not Appear for Any User After a Single User Removes It
298637 No option to install Web Folders when you install Internet Explorer 6
299775 OFF2000: "Internal Error 2352" Error Message When You Attempt to Install Office
300865 Downlevel clients in a Windows Server 2003-based domain display "No Alternative Name" on certificates
301689 How to Restore Default Settings After Importing Custom Privacy Preferences
302502 How to start Microsoft backup from Access 2000 and Access 2002
302891 How to start MSBackup.exe from Microsoft Access
303486 Error Message When You Attempt to Print a Web Page: An Error Has Occurred in the Script on This Page
304930 How to install Microsoft Virtual Machine updates silently without restarting your computer
305503 OFF2000: Error Message When You Try to Install Office: Internal Error 2263
308543 XL2000: Nothing Happens When You Click Setup Button in Print Preview
310663 PRB: SQLBrowseConnect Does Not Enumerate SQL Server 7.0 Servers
311720 PRB: MDAC Rollback May Fail on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
314645 You Cannot Save Web Proxy Setting in Internet Explorer on Some Windows-Based Clients
315729 BUG: Closing HTA That Contains Visual Basic ActiveX Control Combo Box Crashes in Windows 98 SE
317978 Internet Explorer Cannot Print Large Images
320034 2002 Mexico City time zone update for daylight saving time
321487 FP2002: "Error 2744. An Internal Error Has Occurred." Error Message When You Try to Install FrontPage
321779 Setting the plug and play BIOS option (PNP OS) in CMOS Setup
323180 PRB: HTML Help Shortcuts May Fail When You Use Version 1.4 or Later
325126 Support WebCast: Page Cannot Be Displayed in Internet Explorer