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INFO: Historical List of Shipping Vehicles for Microsoft VM

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This article contains a historical list of shipping vehicles for the Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM). The Microsoft VM has been included with many Microsoft products and is available for download as an upgrade to an existing Microsoft VM.

Note Microsoft no longer provides a downloadable version of the Microsoft VM for computers that do not already have the Microsoft VM installed. If you do not have the Microsoft VM installed, you cannot install updates to the Microsoft VM. Windows Update does not offer updates to the Microsoft VM if the Microsoft VM is not installed on your computer. For additional information about the Microsoft VM, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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More information

Ship VehicleMicrosoft VM BuildRelates to JDK Version
VM Update (816093)38101.1.4
VM Update (810030)38091.1.4
VM Update (329077)38071.1.4
VM Update (300845)38051.1.4
VM Update38021.1.4
VM Update (security fix)33191.1.4
VM Update (security fix)33181.1.4
VM Update (security fix)33161.1.4
VM Update33141.1.4
Windows 2000 SP133101.1.4
Visual Studio SP4, Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1 and 5.5, Windows Millennium Edition33091.1.4
VM Update32401.1.4
SDK for Java 4.0, Internet Explorer 5.01, Windows 20003229.32341.1.4
Windows 2000 Beta 332041.1.4
Developer Update for SDK for Java 4.031941.1.4
VM Update31931.1.4
VM Update31901.1.4
VM Update31881.1.4
VM Update31861.1.4
Developer Update for SDK for Java 3.231821.1.4
Developer Update for SDK for Java 3.231811.1.4
Developer Update for SDK for Java 3.231771.1.4
SDK for Java 3.2, Internet Explorer 5 31671.1.4
VM Update31651.1.4
Visual J++ 6.0 SP231611.1.4
VM Update31581.1.4
VM Update31551.1.4
VM Update31541.1.4
Internet Explorer 5 Beta 230311.1.4
Visual J++ 6.0 SP129251.1.4
SDK for Java 3.129241.1.4
Visual J++ 6.029221.1.4
SDK for Java 3.028291.1.4
Visual J++ Tech Preview 2, Visual Studio 9827521.1.4
SDK for Java Preview 1 Refresh, Internet Explorer 5 Beta 127501.1.4
Visual J++ Tech Preview 1, SDK for Java 3.0 Preview 126131.1.4
VM Update (security fix)24471.1.1
VM Update24461.1.1
VM Update24451.1.1
VM Update24441.1.1
VM Update24391.1.1
Internet Explorer 4.01 SP224361.1.1
Windows Update, SDK for Java 2.02 Refresh24351.1.1
Windows 98, Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1, SDK for Java 2.0224241.1.1
SDK for Java 2.01, Internet Explorer 4.0123391.1.1
VM Update23341.1.1
Internet Explorer 4.0, SDK for Java 2.022521.1.1
SDK for Java 2.0 Beta 221741.1.1
SDK for Java 2.0 Beta 221721.1.1
SDK for Java 2.0 Beta 1, Internet Explorer 4.0 Preview 120571.1.1
VM Update for Y2K Issue15201.02
SDK for Java 1.5115181.02
VM Update15171.02
SDK for Java 1.515151.02
Visual J++ 1.115131.02
VM Update12571.02
Internet Explorer 3.01, SDK for Java 1.012111.02
Visual J++ 1.0a1178.21.02
Visual J++ 1.011781.02
Internet Explorer 3.011581.02
VM Update38051.1.4

Note To locate the build number of the Microsoft VM on your computer, view the properties of the Msjava.dll file in your %Windir%\System folder or your %Windir%\System32 folder.

Also, make sure that you use the tools from the products that are listed with the corresponding build of the Microsoft VM that you have installed.

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For additional information about how to install updates to the Microsoft VM without user input or notification (silently) and without restarting the computer, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
304930 How to Install Microsoft Virtual Machine Updates Silently Without Restarting Your Computer
For support information about Visual J++ and the SDK for Java, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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