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Articles for product: Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions

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189799 Frequently asked questions about Fpexedll.dll
194172 Scheduled Includes and Images Do Not Appear at Scheduled Time
197605 You see a "FrontPage Save Result Component" message instead of a form when view a page that contains a form
201441 New Web Command in Server Extensions Does Not Seem to Function
201522 "Unable to create a Web for the URL '/' " error message when you install FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions or FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
201524 How to configure your FrontPage server to use WAIS search engine instead of Index Server
201526 How to specify mail settings in the Management Console (MMC) for Internet Information Server (IIS)
201529 FP2000: Check Server Extensions Reports Content Folder Not Found
201697 'Cgi-bin' Does Not Refer to a Page or Folder in This Web
201739 Err Msg: Failed to Create ADORecordset Object. Source: FrontPage Server Extensions
201799 FrontPage Error Submitting Save Results Form
201803 Tuning Web Performance
203796 How to configure FrontPage to search a site by using Index Server
205696 How to install FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for Internet Information Server
214835 Search returns results from wrong Web
214851 Cannot Browse Sub Web if UNIX Root Web on Apache is Restricted
215333 Server Error Converting a Sub Web to a Folder
215365 Server Error: The folder "/Cgi-bin" Is Marked Executable
215421 Incorrect Error Installing Server Extensions to a UNC Path
215459 Error Converting a UNC Virtual Directory to a Sub Web
215481 FP2000: Installing FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions to Netscape UNIX Server
215486 How to Set CGI-BIN to Executable in the MMC
216039 FP2000: How to Manually Patch an Apache Server
216041 Running Does Not Remove Fpcount.exe
216150 Creating Web Causes Server Error: Administrators Is Reserved
216305 Cannot Open Web Using IP Address With Bypass Proxy Set
216423 "Cannot open 'C:\TEMP\FrontPageTempDir\frontpg.lck'" error message when you install the FrontPage Server Extensions
216705 How to Set Permissions on a FrontPage Web on IIS
216746 FP: Uppercase Links to Files Are Broken Publishing to UNIX Server
216749 How to Restrict End User Access on Netscape Enterprise Server
216820 "Check Server Extensions" Grants Extra Permissions
216846 How to use the FrontPage MMC Snap-in to administer Webs on FrontPage Server Extensions
216900 You receive a connection error message when you use the Database Results Wizard
219094 FrontPage moves the <base> tag to the header section of the HTML code when you insert a <base> tag into the body section of the HTML code
219110 You receive a "The folder '/' is marked executable" error message when you save a page in a FrontPage 2000 Web
219247 FP2000: Server Extension Error When Opening a File Using FTP
221769 Server Error: FrontPage Security Violation
223376 Error Installing FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions on Terminal Server
223433 Permission Errors Occur after Upgrading to FrontPage 2000
226519 Error Message: Cannot Create Folder C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot\_vti_pvt
226524 How to Use FrontPage and Site Server Deployment
228516 The _vti_bin Folder Is Not Created as an Application Root in the MMC
228996 Cannot Convert Virtual Directory to Subweb Remotely
230169 Users are unable to open or create Web folder for restricted FrontPage Web
230712 How to use FrontPage components on ASP pages
230776 Err Msg: Unable to Read Configuration Information for Microsoft IIS
230777 Err Msg: The Web Server Does Not Appear to Have Any Authentication Methods Enabled
230778 Err Msg: The Web Server Does Not Appear to Have Any Authentication Methods Enabled
231856 Err Msg: PROBLEM: Your Web Is Insecure Because the Server Extensions DLLs Are Installed on a FAT Drive
231993 Server Extensions Configuration Wizard Stops Responding During Installation