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The _vti_bin Folder Is Not Created as an Application Root in the MMC

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When you remotely rename a new or existing Web on Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)4.0, the _vti_bin folder is not created as an application root in the MMC.

When the administrator is logged on to the IIS 4.0 computer, the _vti_bin folders are created successfully as an application root. When the administrator is not logged on to the IIS computer (Web server), the _vti_bin is not created as an application root

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FrontPage98 cannot create _vti_bin as an application root remotely if the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) system package logon identity is set to Interactive user - the current logged on user and no one is currently logged on, or the current user who is logged on does not have the proper permissions to create an MTS package.

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During the installation of Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, a user can specify the account for MTS sessions to run under. By default, the Interactive User is specified. What this means is that when there is no Interactive User (for example, an administrator is not logged on to the IIS 4.0 computer (Web server), administrative operations that require authentication, such as creating an Application Root, fail.

Use the following steps to prevent the problem:
  1. Click Start and point to Programs.
  2. Point to Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack.
  3. Point to Microsoft Internet Information Server and click Internet Service Manager.
  4. Expand (click the plus (+) sign) "Microsoft Transaction Server.
  5. Expand "Computers."
  6. Expand "My Computer."
  7. Expand "Packages Installed."
  8. Right-click "System" and click Properties.
  9. On the Identity tab, change from the interactive user to a user that is an administrator on the computer.
  10. Click OK.
  11. From a command prompt, type the following:
    net stop msdtc
    net start msdtc


The following are steps to create an account to use for the MTS System Package. Follow these steps using User Manager for Domains:
  1. Create a new user and name it MTS Administrator.
  2. Make the new user a member of the Administrators group.
  3. Give the new user the advanced user right to log on as a service.
You can now specify this account as the account for the system package in Transaction Server.


You can also add a domain account to the local admin group for making changes remotely.

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Log on to the IIS 4.0 computer (Web server) with administrator privileges, open the Web and rename it.

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More information

For more information on how to configure the system package account, see the Internet Information Server 4.0 product documentation under the "Getting Started Release Notes for Microsoft Transaction Server" section.

For additional information, see the following article or articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
188715� Global ASA Not Firing when Visual InterDev made IIS 4.0 Application

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