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Err Msg: The Web Server Does Not Appear to Have Any Authentication Methods Enabled

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When you try to publish a FrontPage Web to an IIS computer, the following error message occurs:
The web server does not appear to have any authentication methods enabled. It asked for user authentication, but did not send a WWW-Authenticate header.
This error message also occurs when you try to open the Web with FrontPage.

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This error occurs because no authentication methods were enabled when the Web server was configured.

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Enable either Windows NT Challenge/Response or Basic Authentication on the Web server.

To enable authentication, do the following:
  1. For IIS 4.0, start the Internet Service Manager (ISM), which loads the Internet Information Server snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  2. Right-Click the server name and click Properties.
  3. Click the Directory Security tab on the server's properties dialog box.
  4. Under the Anonymous Access and Authentication Control section, click Edit.
  5. Choose either Basic Authentication (password sent in Clear Text) or Windows NT Challenge/Response and click OK twice.
  6. Stop and restart the Web server in the MMC.

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More information

Either Windows NT Challenge/Response or Basic Authentication need to be enabled on the IIS Web server in order for FrontPage authentication to work; otherwise, there is no security on the Web server, which is NOT recommended when hosting Internet or intranet Web sites.

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