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Scheduled Includes and Images Do Not Appear at Scheduled Time

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When a scheduled include (page or image) is inserted into a page, it does not appear at the scheduled time.

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This occurs because FrontPage Server Extensions do not run continually. Because FrontPage Server Extensions only run when they are called, a FrontPage author or administrator must be logged on to the Web when the change is to be made.

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To work around this problem, use one of the following methods:

Method 1

After the scheduled time, open the Web in FrontPage Explorer and click Recalculate Hyperlinks on the Tools menu.

Method 2

1.After the scheduled time, open the Web in FrontPage Explorer.
2.In FrontPage Editor, open the page that contains the Scheduled Include Component and save it again.

Method 3

Schedule a batch file to run after the scheduled time by doing the following:
1. At the command prompt, type "edit" to open the MS-DOS editor to create a batch file. Press the ESC key to clear the dialog box.
2.At the flashing cursor, type the following:

For FrontPage 98:
   "c:\program files\microsoft frontpage\version3.0\bin
   \fpsrvadm" -o recalc -p ip address:portnumber -w webname[ / for
   root web or sub web name]
For FrontPage 2000:
   "c:\program files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\40\bin
   \fpsrvadm" -o recalc -p ip address:portnumber -w webname[ / for
   root web or sub web name]
NOTE: The above batch file uses the default location in which FrontPage is installed. The location on your computer may vary, based on the directories in which you installed FrontPage.

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