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FP2000: How to Manually Patch an Apache Server

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Microsoft makes the source code of the FrontPage Apache patch file available. To compile an Apache Web server with any custom or non-standard modules along with the FrontPage Apache patch, follow the directions in this article. If you do not want to compile your own Apache Web server, you can patch your server with the script located in /usr/local/frontpage/version4.0/bin. The instructions for applying are in the following Knowledge Base article:
202198 Installing FrontPage Extensions to Apache Web Server

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Use the following steps to manually apply the FrontPage Apache patch to a new Apache server:
  1. Before compiling and installing the Apache patch, you must install the FrontPage Server Extensions. When the setup script untars the FrontPage Server Extensions, it also untars the FrontPage Apache patch source file Fp-patch-apache_1.3.x. If you run, let it untar the Fp40.platform.tar.Z without installing a root Web or sub/per user Webs, or virtual Webs.
  2. Copy the Fp-patch-apache_1.3.x into your Apache server build directory (usually /usr/local/Apache_1.3.x). The Fp-patch-apache_1.3.x file is found in/usr/local/frontpage/version4.0/apache-fp/fp-patch-apache_1.3.x.
  3. Using the GNU version of the patch utility, run the patch command on the FrontPage 2000 Apache patch source file:
    patch -p0 <fp-patch-apache_1.3.x
  4. Create the makefile for the patched server. For a server that uses 1.3.0 or later directory structure:
    ./configure --add-module=mod_frontpage.c
    For a server that uses 1.2.x, directory structure:
    ./configure --add-module=mod_frontpage.c --compat
    You can append --prefix=/usr/local/apache to get your install directories the way you want them. For instance, for a install directory of /usr/local/apache:
    ./configure --add-module=mod_frontpage.c --prefix=/usr/local/apache
  5. Build the Apache server: make
  6. Install the server: make Install
  7. After installing the server, you will need to run the This file was untarred when you ran the script. The resides in /usr/local/frontpage/version4.0. When you run the, you will be prompted whether or not to replace the httpd daemon. You should choose not to replace the httpd daemon because you just patched it. If you choose to replace it, your httpd daemon that you just patched will be replaced with a stock version. The main reason for running in this case is to set permissions.
  8. You can install the Server Extensions using Fp_install making sure when prompted to install to Apache-fp when asked which server you are using.

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