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Articles for product: Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

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195882 Guestbook does not include new entries when refreshed
197732 How to configure FrontPage to work with an image editor
219768 Import Wizard does not import navigation structure information in FrontPage
219873 HTML is reformatted when component properties are modified in HTML view in FrontPage
240794 How to Determine the Path for an Office Application
262987 How To Automate FrontPage to Create a New Web and Set a Navigation Structure
266665 You receive a "The folder <name> isn't accessible" error message when you try to access a Web on a network shared location in FrontPage
269599 Access line breaks are not displayed in FrontPage Database Results Region
272246 How to create banner ads that use the IFRAME tag using FrontPage
281953 Features turned off when Visual Basic for Applications is not installed
289697 Error message when you try to open a Web on a WebDAV server in FrontPage 2002 or in FrontPage 2003
293910 Slide show thumbnails are not displayed correctly when you use a browser to view a FrontPage 2002 Web page or a FrontPage 2003 Web page
295409 Unpacking and repacking files in themes in FrontPage
296645 You are repeatedly prompted for your user name and password when you open a FrontPage Web site
299636 HOW TO: Save and Print Reports About a Web Site by Using FrontPage
301466 "Server error: Cannot close file <path>/_vti_pvt/service.cnf" error message when you try to publish Web in FrontPage
302375 You receive a "Clip Organizer Cannot Complete the Operation" error message when you try to start Clip Organizer
302806 Description of Microsoft Product Activation for legacy products
307236 How to add PDF documents to your Web site and create hyperlinks to those PDF documents in FrontPage 2000
307243 New home page is not displayed in browser after you publish your web in Office FrontPage
307803 How to bring an unmanaged installation of Office into a managed state
308130 New Themes That You Create or Install Are Not Displayed in the Themes List in FrontPage
308137 Navigation bar links are missing when you preview your Web pages in FrontPage
308242 Error message when you send e-mail from a form
308451 "The folder '/' is marked executable" error message when you save a page to a folder on a Web site based on IIS
314440 In FrontPage 2003 and in FrontPage 2002, a confirmation form appears, but no information is written to the database
315995 You receive an "Error 1608. Setup could not locate a version of Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP on the selected drive" error message when you try to upgrade Office 2003
317390 Error message when a user of your Web page performs a search in FrontPage: "HTTP/1.1 404 Object Not Found"
320872 Web clients receive a "Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page" error message when they submit a feedback form in FrontPage
323236 Hover buttons do not appear correctly when you preview a Web page in FrontPage 2002 or FrontPage 2003
324235 How to align tables in Microsoft FrontPage for cross-browser compatibility
324843 How to troubleshoot publishing problems in FrontPage
325055 Java Applets Are Not Displayed Correctly in FrontPage Preview
555010 HOW TO: Create and Modify Custom Interactive Buttons in FrontPage 2003
816949 Description of the Getting Started task pane in Office 2003
817029 "Database Results Wizard" error message when you try to change a record in your database in FrontPage 2003 or in FrontPage 2002 Service Pack 3
817094 Cannot select "Save" or "Don't Save" for individual edits in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
817119 XSL tag appears in a textbox instead of the correct value in SharePoint Designer 2007 or in FrontPage 2003
817120 Default Look of a SharePoint Team Services Web Site Is Lost
817121 Captions for photo gallery images are right-aligned instead of centered in SharePoint Designer 2007 or in FrontPage 2003
817122 Text on a Web page preview does not appear if the text is Arabic Typesetting font is used on the Web page in FrontPage 2003
817123 Interactive buttons on a Web page do not display the correct image when you click or rest the pointer over the button in FrontPage 2003
817125 Style Sheet Formatting Is Not Removed from Web Page in Preview Mode
817126 When you preview an imported Word Web page in FrontPage 2003 in a browser, the background is missing
817128 Find and Replace operation replaces text in non-editable regions of Web pages attached to the master page in FrontPage 2003
817129 Theme Applied to a SharePoint Team Services Web Site in Internet Explorer Is Not Applied When You Edit Web Site in FrontPage
817130 Cannot apply CSS or theme to a FrontPage Dynamic Web Template (.dwt) page in SharePoint Team Services
817131 Error Message in FrontPage After You Install Meta Tag Maker 2002
817932 Smigrate error accessing service.cnf during backup of rootweb in Office 2003 and Windows SharePoint Service
817934 Cannot Open a Web Site, Access Files on a Server, or Save Files to a Server