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How To Automate FrontPage to Create a New Web and Set a Navigation Structure

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This article demonstrates how to automate Microsoft FrontPage to create a new FrontPage Web, add blank HTML pages, set a navigation structure, and insert HTML in existing pages.

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Follow these steps to create the sample:
  1. Start Visual Basic and create a new Standard EXE project. Form1 is created by default.
  2. On the Project menu, click References to bring up the References dialog box. For Office FrontPage 2003, select "Microsoft FrontPage 6.0 Web Object Reference Library" and "Microsoft FrontPage 6.0 Page Object Reference Library". For FrontPage 2002, select the "Microsoft FrontPage 5.0 Web Object Reference Library" and the "Microsoft FrontPage 5.0 Page Object Reference Library". For FrontPage 2000, select the "Microsoft FrontPage 4.0 Web Object Reference Library" and the "Microsoft FrontPage 4.0 Page Object Reference Library". Click OK to close the dialog box.
  3. Add a CommandButton control to Form1.
  4. In the code window for Form1, insert the following code:
    Option Explicit
    ' Define constants
    Const Servername = "http://ServerName"
    Const FPWebFolder = "FPTest"
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
     Dim oFPweb As Frontpage.Web
     Dim oFP As Frontpage.Application
     ' Create an instance of FrontPage
     Set oFP = CreateObject("Frontpage.Application")
     ' Create a new web
     Set oFPweb = oFP.Webs.Add(Servername & "/" & FPWebFolder)
     ' Show FrontPage
     ' Add 3 new files
     With oFPweb.RootFolder.Files
       .Add "default.htm"
       .Add "temp1.htm"
       .Add "temp2.htm"
     End With
     ' Apply the navigation structure to the web
     ApplyNavigationStructure oFP
     ' Add comments to each of the files
     AddCommentToFile oFP, "default.htm"
     AddCommentToFile oFP, "temp1.htm"
     AddCommentToFile oFP, "temp2.htm"
     ' Set variables to nothing and shut down FrontPage
     ' by calling oFP.WebWindows.Close
     Set oFPweb = Nothing
     Set oFP = Nothing
    End Sub
    Private Sub ApplyNavigationStructure(oFP As Frontpage.Application)
      Dim oPagewin As Frontpage.PageWindow
      Dim oFPdoc As FrontpageEditor.IHTMLDocument2
      Dim oBot As FrontpageEditor.FPHTMLFrontpageBotElement
      Dim oNavNode As Frontpage.NavigationNode
      ' Get the home page navigation node
      Set oNavNode = oFP.ActiveWeb.HomeNavigationNode
      ' Add two children to the home page
      oNavNode.children.Add "temp1.htm", "Child #1 (temp1.htm)", fpStructLeftmostChild
      oNavNode.children.Add "temp2.htm", "Child #2 (temp2.htm)", fpStructRightmostChild
      ' Apply the structure
      ' Set the shared borders for the current web
      oFP.ActiveWeb.SharedBorders = fpBorderLeft Or fpBorderBottom
      ' Load the _borders/left.htm file
      Set oPagewin = oFP.LocatePage(Servername & "/" & FPWebFolder & _
                     "/_borders/left.htm", fpPageViewDefault)
      ' Get the Document object
      Set oFPdoc = oPagewin.Document
      ' Look for the "Navigation" webbot
      For Each oBot In oFPdoc.All.tags("webbot")
        If oBot.getBotAttribute("bot") = "Navigation" Then  
          ' Add a link to the home page to the navigation bot
          Call oBot.setBotAttribute("b-include-home", "TRUE")
        End If
      Next oBot
      ' Save left.htm
      ' Close the file
    End Sub
    Private Sub AddCommentToFile(oFP As Frontpage.Application, filename As String)
      Dim oPagewin As Frontpage.PageWindow
      Dim oFPdoc As FrontpageEditor.IHTMLDocument2
      ' Load the file to be edited
      Set oPagewin = oFP.LocatePage(Servername & "/" & FPWebFolder & "/" & filename, fpPageViewDefault)
      ' Get the document object
      Set oFPdoc = oPagewin.Document
      ' Replace the HTML with the commented HTML
      oFPdoc.body.outerHTML = "<body><p>This file is <b>" & filename & "</b></p></body>"
      ' Save the page
      oPagewin.Save True
      ' Close the page
    End Sub
    NOTE: In the preceding code, modify the constant "ServerName" to be the name of your Web Server.

  5. Press the F5 key to run the project.

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For more information on Office Automation, please visit the Microsoft Office Development support site at:

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