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"Server error: Cannot close file <path>/_vti_pvt/service.cnf" error message when you try to publish Web in FrontPage

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When you try to publish your Microsoft FrontPage Web to an HTTP server, you may receive an error message that is similar to the following, where path is the path to your Web server:
Server error: Cannot close file /path/_vti_pvt/service.cnf

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This issue may occur if your Web has reached the allowable size limit on the Web server set by your Internet service provider (ISP). This can occur under either of the following conditions:
  • The files that you want to publish exceed the size limit on the server set by your ISP.
  • Old log files in your Web are not removed. Your ISP may create a folder in your Web that contains log files to store information about your account activity. These log files can become quite large over a period of time.
  • The server that is hosting your site is out of space.

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To resolve this issue, use one or more of the following methods (as appropriate to your situation) to create more space on the Web server, and then publish your Web:
  • Open your Web locally, and remove unnecessary files.

    To keep the size of your Web below the limits set by your ISP, periodically delete unused or old files, especially graphics. After you publish your Web, FrontPage can synchronize the files on your local Web with the published files on the Web server each time that you publish. After you delete files on your hard disk, FrontPage prompts you about deleting the same files on the Web server when you publish your Web again. You can choose to publish only those pages that have changed.

    Note You can also open and then edit your Web files directly on your ISP's Web server. However, the local version of your Web will then be out of synch.
  • Contact your ISP to purchase more space on the Web server.
  • Open your Web on the ISP's Web server, and then delete unnecessary log files. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Start FrontPage.
    2. On the File menu, click Open Web.
    3. In the Folder Name box, type the URL of your Web, and then click Open.

      For example, to open a Web named MyWeb on a server named MyServer, type http://MyServer/MyWeb.
    4. Type your user name and password, and then click OK.
    5. Locate the log files in your Web, and then delete old log files to free up space on the server.
  • Contact your ISP to clean up the log files in your Web, or to clear up some space on the server.

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More information

For more information about publishing a Web in FrontPage, click Microsoft FrontPage Help on the Help menu, type publish in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.

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