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Articles for product: Microsoft Outlook 2000 Standard Edition

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238489 XCLN: Icon Selected for Custom Form Does Not Appear As Expected
238567 How to restore the Outlook icon to the desktop
238732 OFF2000: "A Newer Version of DCOM95 Had Been Installed" Message During Quiet Mode Setup
238773 How to export GAL entries to an Outlook contacts folder
238776 XCLN: MAPIsend tool Usage and Error Codes
238887 "Invitations have not been sent for this meeting" message in Calendar
238968 OFF2000: Applying Sms20o2k.Exe Hotfix Disables Client Functions
239913 OFF2000: Help Does Not Appear When Clicking Help Topic
240697 You receive an "Outlook cannot perform your search" error message when you use the Find feature in Outlook
240756 XCLN: Exmerge Loses Free/Busy Information for Existing Appointments
241056 OFF2000: "A Newer Version of DCOM95 Had Been Installed..." Message During Setup on Windows 95
241177 XCLN: Error Message: An Error Occurred Publishing Your Internet Free/Busy Data...
241273 XCLN: Copy Folder Design Loses Properties and Is Not Consistent With Copy Folder
241325 "There is not enough space on the Microsoft Exchange Server to store all of your rules" error message when you create or import a rule in Outlook
242873 XCLN: How to Secure Outlook When You Have to Step Away from Your Computer
242947 You receive an "Unable to display the folder" error message when you try to access a public folder in Outlook
243180 OFF2000: How to Get Bookshelf Basics Support in Office 2000
243253 OFF2000: How to Manipulate the Feature Tree by Using the Keyboard
243317 OFF2000: Program Unexpectedly Quits After You Click "Register Later" 50 Times
243400 OFF2000: How to Update an Administrative Installation with ODBC Vulnerability Update
243727 XCLN: Defense Message System Clients Cannot Send Mail to Distribution Lists
243906 OFF2000: Setup Requires Disk Space on Installation Source
245119 XCLN: How to Automatically Download the Offline Address Book
245446 Error message: "No transport provider was available"
245712 XCLN: How to Apply a Hotfix to an Outlook 2000 Installation
245830 XCLN: How to Use the Outlook LDAP Service to View the Global Address List
246052 XCLN: Offline Folder Settings Button Is Missing in Exchange Server Service Properties
246093 OFF2000: Windows Installer Breaks Access 95 File Association
246121 XCLN: Contacts in Public Folder Are Not Shown in Bold
246153 How can I recover items that I have "hard deleted" in Outlook?
246602 XADM: The Pfadmin Utility Does Not Work with Error Message: OpenAddressBook Failed, Error 0x40380
246648 XCLN: How to Install the Routing Wizard Sample Application
246768 XCLN: Error Message: VBScript: Team Folders: 424: There Has Been an Error Creating an Object on This Page
246795 XCLN: Automatic Name Checking Stops Working on Some Outlook Clients
247176 "Send Time" time stamp information is incorrect when you send a delayed delivery message in Outlook
247250 XCLN: Custom Form with AutoSignature Cannot Be Modified to Remove the Signature
247288 PRB: CDO Applications Are Not Supported in MTS or COM+
247729 XCLN: Error Message: The Command You Specified Could Not Be Carried Out
247761 XCLN: Read Notifications Received over an X.400 Connection Do Not Show Up on the Outlook Tracking Tab
247813 Messages are not saved to drafts folder in Outlook
247847 How to create a rule to process mail sent on behalf of another user
247909 The From field is pre-populated when you reply to mail received by shared mailbox
247927 You receive an "Unable to update public free/busy data" error message when you use Outlook
248127 XCLN: Free and Busy Information Not Updated When Working Offline
248145 XCLN: Team Folder Shows Inbox Instead of Current Folder
248148 XCLN: The Signature <Name.sig> Could Not Be Located
248648 OFF2000: Arial Unicode Font Is Not Available in Office Setup
248709 Error message: Out of Office Assistant cannot be displayed
249780 OL2000: XCLN: Updated Outlook Security Features Installed with Office 2000 SR-1
249929 OFF2000: Error Installing Office Although You Have Administrative Permissions