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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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214011 How to create a column chart with two Y-axes in Excel
214029 The selected Data Analysis tool uses only data from the active sheet if sheets of a workbook are grouped in Excel
214042 You receive an error message when you access files from a floppy disk in Excel
214073 You receive an error message when you try to save a file in Excel
214098 Error Message when you use the Fourier Analysis tool in Microsoft Excel: "Fourier Analysis - The Number of Input Values Must Be 4096 or Less"
214250 Excel cannot open MultiPlan files
214286 XL: Some Worksheet Functions Do Not Allow Array Constants
214383 Only the first worksheet is printed duplex in Excel
221064 Nothing happens when clicking a hyperlink in an Excel Web page
230137 Some files do not print when you use Windows Explorer to print files from Excel 2007, Excel 2002, or Excel 2000
231052 #N/A error displayed in data field of PivotTable based on OLAP data source
238972 Using Visual C++ to automate Office
238983 How to trap events exposed by Office applications
242237 Worksheet may not recalculate completely when you repeatedly press F9
242375 PRB: Office 97 Automation Client Fails After Re-compilation with Office 2000 or Later Type Library
246501 INFO: Use an Explicit Locale Identifier (LCID) When Automating Excel to Set Currency Formats
248822 How to use custom functions with the Spreadsheet component
253501 How to pass a COleDispatchDriver as an argument for a method expecting a VARIANT
258511 How to obtain the window handle for an Office Automation server
259558 XL2000: Cannot Set Edit Links to Manual for Workbooks
263498 Add method of QueryTables with Excel automation generates run-time error message "5"
269370 Last digits are changed to zeroes when you type long numbers in cells of Excel
270844 How to create an Excel histogram by using Automation and Analysis ToolPak
271572 How to format an Excel workbook while streaming MIME content
271736 How to add Excel LinkedCell support to your ATL ActiveX control
272066 Compile error in hidden module Tbrun97.xls in Excel
274500 "Save changes in <filename>" prompt even if no changes are made
274537 When to use SUM(IF()) instead of COUNTBLANK() in Excel
274680 How to use MFC to retrieve a list of macro names in an Office document
275165 When to use a SUM(IF()) array formula
277576 Error message when you try to e-mail a worksheet:"A sheet in the workbook you are trying to save is password protected"
277581 You can use keyboard shortcuts to select border styles in Excel
277582 Error message when you use the Lookup Wizard in Excel: "Run-time error '1004' Application-defined or object-defined error"
277587 You may receive an error message when you open a DQY file in Excel
277605 Incorrect value is calculated when the thousand separator is the same as the decimal separator in Excel
277612 Table markers do not appear when you perform a Web Query in Excel on a secure Web site
277613 Protected ranges not adjusted when you edit in previous versions of Excel
277617 RTD formula evaluates to #N/A in Excel
277816 Excel Web query table marker icons do not appear on Web pages within framesets
277864 A Web page is opened in a new browser window when you click a link in the Web Query dialog box in Excel
277899 Web Query Imports Data from a Table That You Did Not Select
279305 Picture in header or footer is not added to all grouped worksheets in Excel
279306 Error checking is not available when worksheet is protected or workbook is shared in Excel
280454 Password prompt for VBA project appears after Excel quits
280533 Paste Options button does not appear when you paste between two instances of Excel
280590 You are unable to drag information between workbooks in Excel
280604 Macro that is designed to paste text into worksheet cell does not work as expected in Excel
280641 The Excel 97 custom toolbars are not imported when you upgrade from Excel 97 to a later version of Excel
282034 You receive an unexpected result when you compare the results of the "Application.Version" property to another string value in Excel
282142 You cannot find the data that is in a filtered list by using Find command in Excel