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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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282145 Compiler error when implementing the ISmartTagAction interface or the ISmartTagRecognizer interface in a Visual Basic project
282146 Excel does not automatically translate the function arguments in worksheet
282151 Macro that uses FindNext to search for specific format finds wrong cell in Excel
282153 Error message when you use a macro to search for a fill color in Excel: "Run-time error '91'"
282158 The background error checker does not flag the formula as an error when you enter an array formula in Excel
282160 The watched cell is removed from the Watch Window dialog box in Excel when you cut the contents from another cell and then paste the contents into the watched cell
282163 Ignored error flag reappears when worksheet is copied in Excel
282165 Error message when you use the NewWindow method to return boolean values: "Run-time Error '438'"
282830 Programmatic access to Office VBA project is denied
282847 Some Excel features are unavailable if you disable Visual Basic for Applications and run Excel
283626 You can only find the cells that exactly match the formatting based on the existing cell in Excel
284869 Universal naming convention path of files in shared XLSTART folder points to local folder
284870 #REF! Is returned when you create a reference to a custom subtotal in PivotTable in Excel
284880 Personal data is not removed as expected when Excel file is saved
284881 The matching cell in the unselected worksheets are also replaced when you click the Replace All button in the Find and Replace dialog box in Excel
284883 RTD Server does not send update notifications to multiple Excel instances
285638 Clip Organizer search results are slow to appear using Clips Online
285888 How to use an Excel RTD server with DCOM
286258 Excel RTD function cannot return an array
287027 Web query converts numbers that contain hyphens into dates in Excel
287102 Data in target cells is lost when you use the "Paste Special" command in Excel
287103 Excel may repeatedly update any query tables when you change any cell or refresh a query table
287114 Error message when you create a custom toolbar in Excel: "Run-Time Error '438'"
287126 Error message when you click the Replace button in the "Find and Replace" dialog box: "Microsoft Excel cannot find a match"
287739 Error message: "The following features from your workbook will not be saved in the XML Spreadsheet"
288118 Add-ins that are not included with Excel
288130 How to use ASP to build spreadsheet XML for client-side display
288614 Error message when you try to run a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications macro: "Excel was previously unable to load your toolbar customizations"
288968 A blank page appears at the end of a printout in Excel
288972 How to suppress the printing of errors in workbook cells in Excel 2002, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007
289255 Microsoft Excel does not automatically shift manual page breaks when you delete or insert rows in the Microsoft Excel Workbook 5.0/95 format file
289572 You cannot add digital signature to shared workbooks
289816 MSN Financial Symbols smart tag does not recognize some ticker symbols
290148 How to use the Undo feature with inserted objects in Office programs
290228 "Cannot connect to the FTP server" error message when you access an FTP site in Office
290537 EXD files are created when you insert controls
291067 "Out of Memory" error running Sub procedure
291084 Error opening workbook containing links to HTML workbook in Excel
291110 Cannot use keyboard shortcuts to select ranges in RefEdit control in Excel
291199 "Invalid Use of New Keyword" error using ADODB object library
291208 Error message when you use the "Application.Dialogs(xlDialogChartWizard).Show" code to display the Chart Wizard dialog box in Excel: "Run-time error '1004': Show method of Dialog class failed"
291294 Summary of workbook and worksheet application events
291295 Macro code to check whether a file is already open
291297 Sample Visual Basic procedure to print range of cells in Excel
291310 Some print settings are unavailable when you select multiple sheets in Excel
291323 Sample macro code to change the case of text in Excel
291392 Excel COM add-ins and Automation add-ins
291984 Limitations of the Break Links command in Excel
292473 The "Smart Tag" indicator does not appear in merged cells in Excel 2002
292475 Inconsistent formulas are not flagged as expected in Excel