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"Save changes in <filename>" prompt even if no changes are made

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When you close a workbook in Microsoft Excel, you may be prompted to save changes to the workbook even if you have not made any changes

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This behavior occurs when something in the file has changed. Many times the user doesn't realize there are elements in the file that have been updated or calculated. Here are some examples of common scenarios:�
  • There is a volatile function used in the file. Examples of volatile formulas are listed in the more information section of this article.
  • The file has been opened in a newer version and formulas have been calculated. See article in the more information section.
  • A formula that contains a link to a formula in another workbook and that uses volatile functions
  • Linked pictures
  • Iterative formulas
  • Charts that are on chart sheets or that are embedded into worksheets but that have their source data in another workbook
  • VBA code that updates the workbook

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More information

Because of this�automatic recalculation, Excel prompts you to save changes to the workbook when you close it.

Opening a file in a newer version
For more information on how Excel recalculates the file the first time it is opened in a new version see the following KB.
210162 Workbook loads slowly the first time that it is opened in Excel

Note: Turning your calculation will not stop a calculation of the file the first time it is loaded in the newer version of Excel.

Volatile Functions in Excel

List the most popular�volatile functions that maybe in the file.�
   CELL()     OFFSET() TODAY()
   INFO()     RAND()
Note: Setting your calculation option to Manual will stop this behavior but your formulas will not update as expected.

The CELL() function is not considered volatile in some situations, even though it causes this behavior.

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
211370 CELL function with "filename" no longer volatile


When you close a workbook that contains a chart of any type, Excel prompts you to save changes to the workbook. This is because of the way that Excel handles charts.

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