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Articles for product: Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Standard Edition

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138010 OFF: Office Only Runs on Intel-Based Computers
177512 How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer when you use Office 97, Office 2000, or Office XP
177842 OFF97: Invalid Page Fault with More Than 411 Controls in UserForm
186898 How To Read Compound Document Properties Directly with VC++
199337 OFF2000: Memory Problems When Hyperlinking Between Programs
199345 OFF2000: Templates Missing from Binder Add Section
199368 OFF2000: Clicking "Remove Office" During Setup Removes Inbox
199650 Cannot open file from shared folder on network server
199738 OFF2000: Hyperlinks Do Not Use Browser-Defined Colors
199830 EXD files are created when you insert controls
199879 OFF2000: Remove All Doesn't Remove Temporary Shortcut Bar Files
199901 OFF2000: Removing Templates Removes Modified Database Files
200123 OFF2000: Macro to Get Windows and Windows System Folders
200138 OFF2000: Removing Leading Space for Values Converted to String
200149 OFF2000: Renaming My Computer Icon Causes Error Message
200375 OFF2000: How to Install Windows 95 to a New Folder to Troubleshoot Office
200542 OFF2000: No Toolbar Animation Help Topic
200551 ACC2000: How to Create an MS Graph in PowerPoint Using Access
200666 OFF2000: Textured and Patterned Fills in Office Art Do Not Rotate as Expected
202991 One Office Assistant is installed by default when you install Office 2000
203078 Office Shortcut Bar (OSB) setup, startup, and exit behavior is different from earlier versions of Office
203953 The Office 2000 Resource Kit is not available for download
205423 OFF2000: Cannot View Preview Picture on File Created on Macintosh
205490 OFF2000: Missing Parts or Changed Fill When Pasting AutoShapes
206681 OFF2000: Cannot Change Assistant When Free Disk Space Is Low
206734 OFF2000: Errors Quitting Office Apps with IntranetWare Network
209960 How to create sample Visual Basic for Applications code that uses Automation to create a PowerPoint 2000 presentation in Access 2000
210055 OFF2000: Copy To Commands Missing in Bookshelf After Upgrade
210391 OFF2000: Setup May Remove Older Components
210393 OFF2000: Disk Space Requirements for Microsoft Office 2000
210396 Descriptions and limitations of graphics filters included with Office 2000
210734 OFF2000: Exit Event for TextBox in a Frame Does Not Run Correctly
212412 WD2000: Compile Error When You Use the Visible Property of a UserForm
212491 OFF2000: How to Open from and Save to an FTP Site
212761 OFF2000: Application Information Missing in System Information Utility
213398 OFF2000: How to Display All Menu Commands
213558 XL2000: Error When Function Contains a Breakpoint
213800 In Office programs, you receive a "Specified COMMAND search directory had too many parameters" error message when you try to use an MS-DOS core command from the Shell function
214462 PRB: Error "Bound to Unknown Type" Inserting ATL Control in VBA UserForm
215149 OFF2000: CommandBar Indexes Different from Office 97
216931 Excel 2000 and PowerPoint 2000 cannot create inline discussions
217221 OFF2000: Using SelfCert to Create a Digital Certificate for VBA Projects
217435 OFF2000: Microsoft Office Manager View Settings Do Not Migrate to Office Shortcut Bar
217469 OFF2000: "Please Insert the Disk" Prompt When CD Is Inserted During Installation
217530 OFF2000: CD Key Overwritten After Pressing Backspace to Correct a Mistake
217548 OFF2000: Out of Disk Space Error When Reinstalling Office
217585 OFF2000: Not Enough Disk Space Message When You Install Office
217618 OFF2000: Searching for Help on the Web Starts Internet Explorer Even Though It Is Not Your Default Browser
217640 You receive a "Some default settings in Microsoft Office 2000 setup do not work properly on a Windows Terminal Server" error message when you install Office 2000 on a Windows Terminal Server
217648 OFF2000: "Warning 1909. Could not create shortcut" During Setup