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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows 95

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127970 Load Failures Listed in the Bootlog.txt File
131105 SAMPLE: TYPEBLD: How to Use ICreateTypeLib & ICreateTypeInfo
137984 TCP Connection States and Netstat Output
141759 SAMPLE: XLCLIENT: Automation Client for Excel
156149 MSDLC32 May Not Receive All Packets in Heavy Traffic
170618 Virus Detected in the Suhdlog.dat File
174377 Dial-up Networking Stops Responding While Initializing the Modem
174887 Error Message: Exchng32 Caused an Invalid Page Fault...
175396 Windows Socket Connection from a Multiple-Homed Computer
176057 Description of the Microsoft Family Logon Client
180548 How to validate user credentials on Microsoft operating systems
191094 PRB: MDAC 2.x Requires DCOM95 to Install Under Windows 95
196774 Stablupd.exe Manipulate String Resources in an Executable
198479 Individual AutoArchive settings not stored in registry
199274 XCON: Event 13005 During POP3 Logon
199368 OFF2000: Clicking "Remove Office" During Setup Removes Inbox
210120 ACC2000: Sample Function to Retrieve File Version Information
211391 OFF: Printer Name Not Listed in Print Dialog Box
211423 XL2000: Error Quitting WordPad Document That Contains a Worksheet
211490 XL2000: Drawing Objects and AutoShapes Printed Incorrectly
217648 OFF2000: "Warning 1909. Could not create shortcut" During Setup
222440 XCLN: Outlook 2000 Error Message: The Information Store Could Not Be Opened
235116 "The message interface has returned an unknown error" error message when you try to send an e-mail message in Outlook
236893 OFF2000: Setup Does Not Display Any Interactive Dialog Boxes
237388 PRB: Microsoft 32-Bit ODBC Drivers Cannot Be Used from 16-Bit Applications
241267 PRB: SQL Server Link to Remote Database Fails with Error 7399
241344 Error message: The page cannot be displayed
243727 XCLN: Defense Message System Clients Cannot Send Mail to Distribution Lists
261165 BUG: Code Download Error "0x8007000e" Occurs During a Component Download on Windows 95
263022 XCLN: Xprint Utility Print Dialog Box Is Displayed in Background When Using Windows 95
263044 Fdisk Does Not Recognize Full Size of Hard Disks Larger than 64 GB
265258 Patch Available for "Active Setup Download" Vulnerability in Internet Explorer
265489 Approximately 200 or more SELECT boxes in HTML causes slow and unstable performance in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
267972 XCLN: Windows 95 and Windows 98 Instant Messaging Client Authentication From Separate Domain
269595 Active Desktop Wallpaper Appears Scrambled
275546 FP2000: Troubleshoot Continuous Password Prompts in FrontPage
285347 XL: Illegal Operation Error When You Attempt to Format Cells
289280 BUG: Oracle ODBC Connectivity Slow with MDAC 2.5/2.6 on Windows 95/98/NT
292464 OFF2000: Invalid Page Fault After You Use Desktop Themes Control Panel
304930 How to install Microsoft Virtual Machine updates silently without restarting your computer
305503 OFF2000: Error Message When You Try to Install Office: Internal Error 2263
308543 XL2000: Nothing Happens When You Click Setup Button in Print Preview
310663 PRB: SQLBrowseConnect Does Not Enumerate SQL Server 7.0 Servers
311720 PRB: MDAC Rollback May Fail on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
320477 FP2002: Custom Fonts Display as Courier or Arial in Normal View
331858 ActiveX Control May Be Printed Incorrectly from Internet Explorer