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Articles for product: Microsoft FrontPage 98 Standard Edition

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181662 Hit Counter doesn't advance past 1 on IIS
181982 FP: Database Error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Couldn't Find File '(Unknown)' When You Preview Database Region Page
184799 Err Msg: The [Filename] File Is Linked to Missing Export...
189799 Frequently asked questions about Fpexedll.dll
191289 How To Enable Event Error Logging for FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 98 and SourceSafe
194172 Scheduled Includes and Images Do Not Appear at Scheduled Time
194401 Checked Out Files Aren't Published to Server
214851 Cannot Browse Sub Web if UNIX Root Web on Apache is Restricted
216746 FP: Uppercase Links to Files Are Broken Publishing to UNIX Server
228516 The _vti_bin Folder Is Not Created as an Application Root in the MMC
230776 Err Msg: Unable to Read Configuration Information for Microsoft IIS
230777 Err Msg: The Web Server Does Not Appear to Have Any Authentication Methods Enabled
233489 Server Error: Error Occurred While Retrieving the List of Users from the Systems
239833 How to Configure FrontPage Authoring with Site Server Membership
243337 PRB: Errors with Integration After Enabling P & M
243577 FP: Background Image Not Saved When Publishing from FrontPage 98 Client to FrontPage 2000 Server
246259 FP98: Uppercase in Short file's name Becomes Lowercase.when Storing on Unix Server
248063 PRB: Error message: Unable to retrieve folder information from the server
265462 You receive an error message when you install the FrontPage Server Extensions to a virtual server
272317 FP: How to Use ADOSelect to Troubleshoot ASP Pages in FrontPage
288116 FP98: Percent Sign in URL Returns HTTP 404 Error
290636 FP: NetMeeting Starts or Nothing Happens When Opening FrontPage .cnf File
295546 FP: Names and Hex Values for the 16 Common Colors used in HTML Documents
296596 You may receive an error message after you install FrontPage Server Extensions on a Web site
296631 FP: Access Is Denied to User Attempting to Enter Data into a Form Page
298827 Include components and shared borders are displayed incorrectly on IIS
299360 Include component and shared borders are displayed incorrectly on UNIX servers in FrontPage
300246 FP2000: Error Message: There Is No Web Named <Subweb Name>
304335 Hex values for the 216 color safe palette used in HTML documents in FrontPage
307243 New home page is not displayed in browser after you publish your web in Office FrontPage
312638 Description of the items that are required to use Active Server Pages (ASP) in FrontPage 2000
318361 FP: How to Prevent Selection of Text in a Web Page by Using FrontPage 2000/98
322650 Cannot change NTFS permissions for SharePoint Team Services Web site in FrontPage 2000 or FrontPage 98
820764 You cannot specify some color values by using the Pantone system in Office programs