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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

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293217 The address book does not display the edited "Display name" or "Display as" field in Outlook
293303 Technical resources for Office Products
293650 How to change the Cancel Request dialog box behavior in Outlook
295014 The AutoClean feature in Outlook removes unwanted line breaks
295733 The Print command is missing when you select multiple attachments in Outlook
296796 The "Prompt for Profile" option is missing in Outlook
297019 Limits to using personal folders (.pst) files over LAN and WAN links
299477 The "Plan a Meeting" dialog box does not close after you send a meeting request
299958 Errors that the RegClean utility finds after you install Microsoft Office
301328 A 1016 event entry appears in the application event log after you upgrade to Outlook 2002 or to a later version of Outlook
302003 Forms with VBScript do not work with Terminal Services in Outlook
302806 Description of Microsoft Product Activation for legacy products
303221 Outlook MAPI profiles may get programmatically deleted before the MAPI program�s session ends
305361 Contacts with both an e-mail address and a fax number are listed twice when you select an e-mail recipient in Outlook
306349 You receive an error message when you modify a distribution list in Outlook
307803 How to bring an unmanaged installation of Office into a managed state
309185 Meetings on owner's calendar by a delegate don't display free/busy information for additional attendees in Outlook
310049 Hyperlinks are not working in Outlook
311107 How to emulate the Out of Office Assistant in Microsoft Outlook
312287 How to make sure that Outlook clients access the correct global address list if there is more than one global address list
312336 E-mail messages are not automatically sent or received at startup in Outlook
317211 How to configure daylight saving time dates for Brazil
317819 The options to prevent addition of an Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or Other Server Types accounts are not available in Outlook
321652 You receive error message and are continuously prompted for your Windows NT domain credentials in Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, or Outlook 2007
325314 Error messages when you search the address book by using a full user name
555842 Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007 Certificate issue
812811 Virus alert about the W32.Lirva.A@mm worm
813514 Error occurs when you send or receive an email message in Outlook or Outlook Express
814441 "An unknown error has occurred" error message in Outlook
817878 Attachment issues in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2003
817957 As mensagens de email que são armazenadas em um arquivo de pasta Offline são maiores do que as mensagens de email que são armazenadas em um servidor Exchange
818233 The Task Pane key on an Office Keyboard does not always operate as expected in Office 2003 programs or in 2007 Office programs
821159 Virus alert about the W32.Fizzer.A@mm worm
821680 The AutoComplete feature displays an incorrect e-mail alias for a distribution list in Outlook
822519 When you try to activate Office programs over the Internet, you receive an error message
822976 The appointments that you schedule by using the Direct Booking feature can be seen by all users in the Outlook resource calendar
823133 Le formulaire contact avec une autre disposition lorsque vous modifiez en mode création dans Outlook 2003 et Outlook 2007
823815 Truncated setup log file is created during the installation of Office
824122 You receive a "Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook" message, and you cannot open a saved message (.msg) file in Outlook
826490 The RemoteStatus property forces items to be downloaded in Outlook
826808 When you import IMAP accounts from Outlook Express into Outlook, the IMAP folders may not populate
827407 The synchronization status and the online status do not match when you work offline in Outlook 2007 or in Outlook 2003
827409 The public subfolder that you add to your Favorites public folder does not appear in Outlook 2007 or in Outlook 2003
827599 The account information for all rules is lost after you upgrade from Outlook 2000 Service Release 1 to Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2007
828384 The types of files and add-ins that the security level settings can affect in Office 2003 and in Office 2007
829059 The Visual Basic Editor may open without menus or toolbars in Outlook 2007 or in Outlook 2003
829982 Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments
829985 Error message when you try to import or to export files in Outlook: "Microsoft Outlook cannot start the required translator"
830119 Description of the AutoArchive feature in Outlook
831060 You cannot connect over the Internet to Exchange Server 2003 from Outlook 2007 or from Outlook 2003