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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003

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302375 You receive a "Clip Organizer Cannot Complete the Operation" error message when you try to start Clip Organizer
302596 Error message when you have the Adobe PDFMaker add-in installed
311241 How to customize Office for Terminal Services
820930 "Installation source has been corrupted" error message when you install Office 2003
822622 Description of Office Binder support with Office 2003 and Office XP products
823208 There is no option in the Shared Workspace task pane of an Office 2003 program to edit the "Location for new workspace" list
828384 The types of files and add-ins that the security level settings can affect in Office 2003 and in Office 2007
828962 OLE Error Message When You Paste a Shape from Visio to Word
830917 You cannot access the Configure dialog box after you paste a Visio 2007 or Visio 2003 drawing into a Word 2003 document or an Excel 2003 worksheet
832366 Transparent fill in Visio shape is printed with solid fill in Office 2000 programs
832765 Warning message appears when you visit the Office Update Web site: "Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later is required"
834008 You cannot send a document as an e-mail message from an Office 2003 or Office 2007 program
841352 Transparent AutoShapes or transparency patterns do not print as expected in Office XP programs, in Office 2003 programs, and in 2007 Office programs
895361 A summary of the support boundaries for Office programs that run on 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems
897755 When you click a hyperlink to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file in an Office document, Adobe Acrobat Reader starts and then closes without opening the PDF file
898513 How to insert or paste an Excel 2003 worksheet or an Excel 2002 worksheet to a drawing in Visio
906520 When you release a connector's endpoint on top of a connection point, the connector and the connection point are not glued together in Visio 2003 or in Visio 2007
918295 Error message when you use an .odc file to connect to a specific table in a mail merge data source in a 2007 Office program or in Office 2003: "Record 'number' contained too few data fields"
941461 How to manually determine the license and sale origin channel information for a software product when the Asset Intelligence reports in SMS 2003 with Service Pack 3 do not report the correct channel information
983632 Security Settings for ActiveX controls and OLE objects in Office 2003 and in the 2007 Office suite
2273257 Office Application Custom Code Solutions
2586667 Description of the Office updates: September 13, 2011
2587634 MS11-073: Vulnerability in Microsoft Office could allow remote code execution: September 13, 2011
2847265 Description of the Office updates: May 14, 2013