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Articles for product: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 Deluxe Edition

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173566 Multimedia: How to Temporarily Disable Your Sound Card
173605 Multimedia Err Msg: Unable to Read Drive CD-ROM
179415 Multimedia: Program Cannot Find or Recognize Update Files
194366 Encarta: How to Contact Encarta Annual Update Program
195665 Error Message: Filename Is Linked to Missing Export Filename.dll
195876 Encarta: Designed to Be Viewed at 800 x 600 Screen Resolution
237267 Encarta 2000: Cannot Start Program After You Upgrade to Windows 2000
237506 Encarta 2000: Previous Version of Research Organizer Starts
237510 Encarta Encyclopedia 2000: Err Msg: An Error Occurred During Printing
237531 Encarta Encyclopedia 2000: Macromedia Shockwave Director Documentation Error
238019 Multimedia Err Msg: Video Not Available, Cannot Find 'VIDC.IV50' Decompressor
238925 Encarta 2000: How to Troubleshoot Sound and Video Driver Issues
249629 Encarta 2000: Error Messages When You Attempt to Start Program
251358 Encarta 2000: Cannot Run the Exercise and Calories Interactivity
251379 Encarta 2000 Err Msg: Encarta Encyclopedia Requires at Least 256 Colors to Run
321482 How to create a design template in PowerPoint for the Macintosh
321483 How to create and modify a Title Master in PowerPoint for the Macintosh
327243 IntelliMouse: How to Troubleshoot Performance Issues with the Microsoft Wireless Wheel Mouse PS/2
821805 The wireless keyboard or mouse may not respond and may start and stop at irregular intervals
823390 How to get help with MSN
832321 The Microsoft wireless pointing device responds slowly to your movements, or the pointing device movement is inconsistent or irregular
834458 How to synchronize time zone settings between MSN Calendar and Microsoft Outlook after you install Office Outlook Connector for MSN
834460 You cannot access e-mail folders that are in non-primary MSN accounts or Hotmail accounts
834461 "Installation of Microsoft Office Outlook Connector can't continue without Microsoft Office Outlook" error message when you install Outlook Connector
841493 A temporary folder is the default location to save the file when you use the Save As feature to save a PowerPoint 2004 for Mac presentation
841494 "Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message when you try to export an image from PowerPoint 2004 for Mac
841496 Changes are reverted one at a time when you use the Undo feature in the Compatibility Report to revert multiple changes that were made to your project in Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 for Mac
870837 You cannot use the keyboard or the mouse to advance slides or animations in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2004 for Mac
871018 Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Installation Read Me
871019 Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 for Mac Read Me
883951 Description of the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Service Pack 1 (11.1.0)
884403 The Fonts menu in Office for Mac does not appear in the WYSIWYG format
886633 How to use the Application.AutomationSecurity property in Office v.X and in Office 2004 for Mac