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Articles for product: Internet Explorer 3.01

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171206 How to Customize the Quick Launch Toolbar
171227 How to Use Subscriptions in Microsoft Internet Explorer
171232 How to Use the Explorer Bar in Internet Explorer
171437 How to Configure the Active Desktop
171665 Error Starting Computer with Damaged Shortcuts on Start Menu
171697 Hang After First Reboot During Internet Explorer Install
171745 Invalid Page Fault When Installing Additional Components
171939 Search Button Opens Explorer Bar Instead of Custom Search Page
172080 System Agent Does Not Function After Uninstalling Task Scheduler
172949 How to Change the Location of Temporary Internet Files
173583 Dr. Watson Error in Iexplore.exe When Quitting Internet Explorer
173921 Uninstalling Internet Explorer Restores Default Settings
174217 ODE97: Comcat.dll Can't Be Registered During Run-time Install
174377 Dial-up Networking Stops Responding While Initializing the Modem
174486 Only Desktop Wallpaper Appears When You Start Your Computer
174550 Using Back Button May Not Repopulate Web Page Form
174558 Trusted Web Site Prompts to Download ActiveX Controls
174662 Internet Explorer Is Not Automatically Redirected
174839 Cannot Update Subscriptions Automatically with America Online
174858 Problems Using Matrox PowerDesk Drivers With Internet Explorer
174887 Error Message: Exchng32 Caused an Invalid Page Fault...
175039 Err Msg: A Connection to the Server Could Not Be Established
175133 Error Message: Unable to Install Java Packages...
175379 "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module MSHTML.DLL at 0137:703e34c" error message when you start Windows 95 or Windows NT with the Active Desktop enabled or when you start Internet Explorer
175400 Mouse Pointer Automatically Moves to Upper-Left Corner of Screen
175429 Internet Explorer May Not Start with a Local File Home Page
175449 New Active Desktop Item Dialog Box Is Missing
175513 FILE: Invoke Find, View Source, Options Dialog Boxes for WebBrowser
175528 Internet Explorer Does Not Import Favorites During Upgrade
175614 Dr. Watson Error in Explorer.exe When Using FTP
175627 FIX: Cannot Start Windows Explorer Using the Start Menu
175633 One-Line Text Box Form Field Restrictions Do Not Take Effect
175989 Cannot Connect to the Internet During Internet Explorer Setup
176057 Description of the Microsoft Family Logon Client
176106 File Extensions Are Lost When Saving Files from the Internet
176221 ActiveMovie May Not Play .avi, .mov, or .mpg Files
176424 Installing Task Scheduler Enables AT-Scheduled Tasks
176446 "Fatal Exception 0E" Error Message Attempting to Open Folder
176571 Cannot Specify Mail Program in Internet Explorer
176585 Cannot Change Search Provider After Clicking Search
176944 Error Message: Internet Explorer Script Error
176945 Images Are Not Displayed Properly in Internet Explorer
176960 Description of the Loadwc.exe File in Internet Explorer
176997 TCP/IP Virtual Circuit Was Reset by the Remote Side
177231 Transfer-Chunk Encoding (Including ASP) May Cause 800c0008 Error
177243 "Unspecified Error" Error Message When Opening a .wav File
177293 Channel Bar Missing When Windows Desktop Update Not Installed
177300 Error Message: The Server Threw an Exception...
177301 Error Msg: An Error Occurred in the Secure Channel Support
177338 OFF97: Confirm File Delete Dialog Box Not Displayed