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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition

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127868 Supported CCITT and ISO Standards
133403 XCON: Err Msg: The Recipient Name Is Not Recognized
139643 XADM: Error Writing Log Information to SA
140937 XCON: Remote MTA Reports Syntax Error
140945 XCON: MTA Error ID 251
140948 XADM: Reply Rule Disabled When Deliver to Public Folder Via IMC
142782 Error -509 Occurs When Starting Directory, Information Store, or Dirsync Services
143233 XADM: Command-Line Parameters for Edbutil.exe
143375 Multiple messages received by Exchange client
143376 XADM: Storage Capacity Limits of Microsoft Exchange Server
146183 XADM: Optimizer Deletes Edb*.log Files When Given Invalid Path
146263 XFOR: IMC Packages Failed Messages in ATT, DAT, or TXT
146304 XADM: Directory Import File Format
146306 XADM: Exchange Server Backup & Restore Procedures
146321 XADM: Administrating Exchange Servers in Multiple Domains
146455 XADM: Generated SMTP Addresses for Duplicate Mailboxes
146473 XFOR: Attachment with Name of Charset = iso-2022-JP
146588 XCON: Content Not Supported NDR When Using X.400 Connector
146669 XFOR: SMTP Log Reports Rescheduled Delivery When Retries=0
146920 XADM: Restoring Individual Mailboxes, Messages, or Folders
147093 XCON: One Invalid X.400 Recp. Causes NDR For All X.400 Recps.
147121 XADM: Cannot Incremental Restore Until Full Backup Is Restored
147244 Troubleshooting Information Store Startup Problems
147367 How to Set Up Mail for PC Networks PO to Use IMC
147370 XCLN: Frequently Asked Questions for Exchange Clients
147373 XADM: Remove All Does Not Remove Everything
147376 XADM: Names and Permissions of Exchange Server Shares
147501 XADM: Effect of Daylight Saving Time Change
147523 XADM: Enabling or Disabling Circular Logging
147547 XFOR: IMC Mail Arrives in X.400 Address Format
147604 XGEN: Managing Forms Installed on Exchange Server
147607 XADM: Distributing Gateway Addresses to Exchange Server
147705 XADM: Troubleshooting the System Attendant Service
147854 XADM: Custom Recipients DIR Export Creates Headers-Only CSV
147855 XADM: Windows NT SP4 Overwrites NTBACKUP.EXE
148198 XADM: Where Newprof.exe Gets the Username
148199 XCLN: Re-creating a Deleted Schedule+ Free/Busy Agent
148200 XGEN: Error Forwarding Exchange Mail with Mac Client PC Mail
148284 XCON: When and How to Use the Mtacheck Utility
148286 XCON: How To Install and Configure the Dynamic RAS Connector
148339 XADM: How to Import Multiple SMTP Addresses
148381 XADM: Directory Replication Takes Too Long
148496 XCLN: Creating Shared Windows Roving Users
148664 XCLN: Description of the Profile Descriptor File
148716 XADM: Unable to Configure Windows NT Natural Language
148727 XFOR: Internet Mail Connector Fails to Start
148937 XADM: Setting Age Limits on Public Folders
148963 Disabling message tracking for one or more servers
148985 XFOR: Frequently Asked Questions for IMC
149013 XCLN: Schedule+ 1.0a for the Macintosh May Not Display Details